Sunday, January 6, 2013

Original Incans Were White European Ruling Class

With huge skulls.

Reading this article basically left me speechless. I verified it with three other sites.

The original melonheads look to have been overthrown by their slaves not long before the Spanish arrived to overthrow them.

This synchronized so perfectly with my existing theories about how these civilizations started that I was shocked. Here are the bones that prove the theory was correct.

Notice the look of terror in the woman when she died. Slave revolt.


njartist said...

Interesting. I was reading through an Israel elect site - the real Israel, not the Edomites/Khazars calling themselves Jews - and one article spoke of Cain becoming known as Sargon the Great of Akkadia. Part of the history surrounding him is that he is supposed to have crossed the Atlantic and set a civilization in south America; and this is the reason the Incas greeted Cortez in a friendly manner when he arrived: they thought he was Sargon returning.

Lugh said...

They found King Tut was a European too. Was he also a Melon Head? So what does this mean? Are we their children in a genetic engineering sense? Or are they mutants from us?