Thursday, January 24, 2013

North Korea Plans To Super-Enrich Kwanstainia

With the gift that keeps on giving, dirty salted weapons.

North Koreans are not stupid. They know a cheap, substandard atomic weapon can be turned into a real troublemaker with the addition of some dirty salts into the bomb. What used to take a 25 megger to depopulate an entire city can now be done with a 220 kiloton weapon and some cobalt.

World War III is going to be an ugly war. It will be one of the first wars we know of where the majority of all casualties are non-combatants and civilians. The cost will be incalculable and the effects will last many decades.


njartist said...

This nation is going to be invaded. of that there is no question; that there will be nuclear detonations on the United States is also without question. The real question is "Which side of the Mississippi do you want to be on when it all goes down?"

Awakened said...

You are wrong but I wish you were not: almost ALL recent conflicts have killed more civilians than combatants.
You know that Tex....