Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nobody likes an I-Told-You-So

... but I did tell you so.

Holocene is over. It's time, grasshoppers. The long party is at an end.

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FrankNorman said...

Don't gloat too soon, Tex. More extreme weather, with the summers hotter and the winters colder, is something the Global Warming crowd predicted, even back in the 1990's. An Ice Age would be opposite, with glaciers piling up slowly. Less snow would fall, but less of it would melt in summer.
Its been hot here in South Africa, and I suspect you're feeling the heat over there in Oz.
No, I don't mean to suggest the AGW gang know what they're talking about, (they're political opportunists at heart) but extreme winter in the USA is not new, not suddenly happening. There was snow falling in Kentucky back in the late 1990's.