Thursday, January 17, 2013

Line Up For Your Flu Virus This Year

It sounds like the start of a really campy low budget zombie movie but unfortunately you couldn't make this sh*t up ... it's an insect retrovirus that has been modified with recombinant DNA technology. Oh yeah, that sounds really healthy for you. I'll be sure to get at least three of those in both cheeks of my ass tomorrow morning right after I finish my tofu and granola.

Only a paranoid nut would hesitate for an instant to get in line for one of these ... hey, this sort of thing sounds like it might have needed some pretty lengthy trials to determine if it was safe ... yet, completely isolated from any previous standards of practice in medicine, it appears to have gone through none at all. Unless you count the prologue of the film in the secret biowarfare lab when a chimpanzee injected with the stuff grows antennae and pincers and bites off the heads of some of the security staff. Yep, it works alright.

I'll never forget when I called the Australian Vaccination hotline to ask a simple question about where I could see the .PDFs of the peer reviewed research on the vaccines with triple-blind control groups. They put me on hold for an hour, a "senior officer" got on and talked in circles for another 20 minutes before he conceded there was no such research and he had never seen anything in printed form other than the script he had been given to read to callers.

Untested recombinant DNA insect retrovirus? Where do I sign up? I'm going to have to get my sleeping bag to make sure I don't lose my place in line overnight for that needle. That's the shizznit. I fully expect to be able to dissolve my food with my digestive juices within 24 hours of getting that vaccine.

Instead of "FluBlok" I would have christened it "LifeBlok," because that is what it is going to do for you.

Check out these amazing success rates :
"Flublok was about 44.6 percent effective against all circulating influenza strains, not just the strains that matched the strains included in the vaccine."
 Oh snap. Gimme some of dat. They forgot to mention that the control group that took 4000 IU of Vitamin D, 500 mg of C and garlic capsules was 100% effective against all strains of the flu, period.


iese_83 said...

Lol @ the picture !!. Looks kinda like a Michael Jackson interview, snapshot. Also like most of the Elites, spitting out their ´beautiful´and plentiful agenda. (Or like anyone, who takes these flu-shots). Might as well take a gun-shot to the abdomen, i think. P.s ty for the Garlic-capsule info, i didn´t know that, i use D-vitamin and zinc and Omega-3 fish capsules sometimes. Garlic i only eat in it´s true form.

Mex Arcane said...

That was a good movie, the 80's version of The Fly. I didn't like the abortion theme - very much like Prometheus - but it was otherwise entertaining.