Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jimmy Savile, A True Member of the Illuminati

Classic evening entertainment in Britain. Unprosecuted, unreported, unrecorded and unknown until Savile died. If you believe this guy was not part of a much larger group which covered for him all the way to the top, I have some bridges in Brooklyn you may be interested in.

Remember, the evidence shows the cops were in Savile's back pocket, meeting with him once a week at his home to get briefed on which babies would get buggered that week with their protection. The BBC knocked back investigations on Savile at least three times that they will concede but it is likely the entire BBC staff knew exactly what was going on and he had people running interference for him throughout the organization.

Dumb people don't believe in conspiracy because the television makes fun of people who believe in such things. Turns out, television is mostly owned and run by people who conspire. What luck, that.

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