Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jackie Chan : U.S. A Criminal Den Run By Thieves

He's right. China has corruption under the communists but it can't possibly even begin to compare with the United States, which seems more and more like Late Rome under Caligula.

This is why I find it truly repugnant to listen to Westerners criticize the regime over there when their own regime at home operates with carte blanche. Their ability to tell right from wrong is damaged. China has it's own psychopaths running the joint in China but they are strictly amateur hour compared to the supervillain thugs running the U.S. with little opposition from within. So don't tell me about how the Chinese people are too passive. Western civilization has become associated with taking it up the a** from crooks with a smile.

The Chinese government shoots people who embezzle over there, but in the West the government actually pays off the losses of the looters to enable them to continue looting. Which is worse?


Garry Joe said...

Gun Owners Of America President Larry Pratt On Piers Morgan (FULL)

Have you guys seen this? This Larry Pratt guy is a pro. Notice he takes the moral high ground, with the self defense talking point and keeps returning to it, again and again.

iese_83 said...

South China Morning Post !?. Jeebus man, you really do get around !. I couldn´t read the link though, it wouldn´t load.

styrac said...

The directors and screenwriters attached in Hollywood films are there just to give the audience the illusion that this is film a film made by them and it wasn't simply an existing script lying around the Pentagon-CIA.