Saturday, January 5, 2013

If You Hate Your Kids, Get Them Vaccinated

It's the easiest way to bump them off legally. After all you were only doing as you were told.

Modern medicine is a spree killer. What a toxic inversion of words, ideas, meanings and intentions. In our declining society, everything does the exact opposite of what it says it does.

Now onto the next crisis. Barack is really digging into his agenda for the next four years. Coming up ... mandatory vaccinations/lethal injections with no exceptions. The people who paid to put Barack in office again are going into overdrive.

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Garry Joe said...

Get a load of this:

Aaron Green and Morgan Gliedman: Why White People Get a Free Pass When It Comes to Terrorism

Not one mention of what they really are in the comments. So you know it is being filtered.

When they get caught red handed planning a terrorist attack inside the United States, the MSM calls them "White", then whines about the same MSM favoring Whites.

You guys getting the picture yet?