Saturday, January 5, 2013

How Microsoft Kevorkianed Itself

You put an idiot in charge and you get what you deserve.

Ballmer has mostly concentrated on moving operations to Israel while the company literally falls apart. It has been his consuming obsession.

Frankly, after buying a new IMac for Christmas, nobody would be happier than me to see the entire Microsoft company dumped from a cargo carrier into the desert outside Tel Aviv. It's all yours fellows - do what you want with it because we don't want it anymore. Another thing that becomes worthless once you get it. Pick through the scraps of office furniture and drag off whatever you think you can sell.


FrankNorman said...

Happy Linux user here.
Actually I also use MS-Windows for some things, but I'm an extreme late-adopter for anything from Microsoft. Anything new from them tends to be bug-riddled. I prefer to wait until something is stable, and the virus-writing crowd have moved on to attack the next big thing.

And for most serious work, I stay in Linux-land.

Russell said...

The best thing for Microsoft's competitors was to put Ballmer in charge.