Friday, January 25, 2013

Get Out of Here, Stalker

Radiation is survivable. Hormesis can keep you from getting sick. Everything the left has ever volunteered about the aftermath of nuclear war has been all lies.

It is never the end of the world. It may just be the end of you. The world will roll on without you. Most people by the time they reach 9 years old have begun to figure this out. The world is tough but humans are expendable. Humans should worry less about what will become of the planet and worry more about what will become of them.

There are some indications that moderately high levels of alpha and beta radiation actually prevent instead of encouraging mutation.

Remember, if you heard it from the left (all television and media is owned by them) then it's an ignorant lie that is like something made up by a disturbed child. Easy rule of thumb.


Amy Haines said...

That is intriguing.

I remember something from an ecology class I took in college. My professor spent his summers heading up a remediation effort on the Chesapeake Bay, DuPont or some (likely several) companies had been dumping runoff there for decades. His team was in charge of scooping up contaminated soil, replacing it, and repopulating the wildlife. He said the effort was going to take years, maybe decades, before the ecosystem was restored.

A few miles away was an equally contaminated area, but they had not secured funding to re-mediate that area yet and hadn't touched it.

In a five year period, the untouched area had re-mediated itself. The soil was cleaning up and the wildlife repopulating, all on its own, and faster than the human-assisted area. The currents were clearing away the toxic waste and animals were occupying their given niches. This professor wanted desperately to study the phenomenon. He figured there was enough work there to mint several PhDs and keep post-docs and grad students in business for years. But no one was interested in funding him (duh, he should have known...).

Nature always finds a way. Nature takes care of her own. What is it about human pride that blinds us to such simple truths, and makes us think we need to meddle and fix and ultimately bring to ruin everything we see?

Dave, RN said...

Whoo hoo! I don't need a vault!

Dave, RN said...

Except to survive the first 20 years...

deadman said...

Tex, from one curmudgeon to another; I can always count on you to bring a smile to my face and a chuckle!

- deadman.