Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Experience At The Gym Tonight

I have been in terrible shape. I've been sleeping poorly, staying up too late, sleeping in, barely making it to the gym once a week. I have not been healthy at all. It is all I can do to make sure I get a little sun each day and try to eke out at least 8 hours of sleep.

Tonight I managed to get to the gym and I just tried to break it in without injuring myself. I was not trying to do anything other than get my body back in the swing of things.

So I was doing overhead press and I tried to work in with a really huge guy when he was resting. He was a nice guy and he asked me if I needed to pull some weight off when he finished with his set. He was doing three sets of 180 kg super-slow, very good form. He was roughly twice my size, obviously a professional body builder. 22 inch arms, probably a 52 inch chest, I would put him somewhere well over 320 pounds or thereabouts.

I asked him if he would put another 45 kg plate on his side for me. I told him I was trying to take it easy because I was coming back from injury. I then managed to knock out 11 reps with good form of this overhead press.

When I finished, he giggled really loudly. "I don't understand how you could even move that. You don't look big enough. You should stand over here where I am, it looks like some kind of optical illusion. I am at least twice your size and I don't think I could even budge that. If I didn't know better I would think it was some kind of magic trick you were doing. I've been coming to the gym about 8 years here and have never, ever seen anybody that strong. I don't want you to think I'm winding you up, dude, but frankly you just don't look strong enough to lift that kind of weight that easily. It's the most incredible thing I have ever seen, hands down. If you are taking something, please tell me what it is so I can get some of it."

Hyperplasia was lost to Homo Sapiens. It was present in every single species of hominid up to that time. It is also found in the big cats, the large mammal predators like bears and sabre tooth tigers. It enables a person to double up on muscle fibers without doubling up on mass. An increase in muscle mass always results in an increase in strength it is just that the Neanderthals, Homo Erectus and Homo Giganticus could have increased their strength exponentially with much smaller gains in size than Homo Sapiens. Their density of muscle fibers was much greater than that of Sapiens. I believe I have retained hyperplasia. You might think I am crazy but I am just sticking to the facts. I am fifty years old and I am certain I have retained hyperplasia. Considering all the other screwy physical traits I got that leave me so out of sync with modern civilization I don't know if I got a fair trade or not. The other crap effectively cancels out the hyperplasia. Fail to get enough sleep and there isn't a gym in the world that will keep you healthy. Without proper sleep not even a Neanderthal can ever operate at his best.


njartist said...

Link to Hyperplasia.

iese_83 said...

If even 10% of that is true, then ´you´re the man´!!. Im extremely NOT like that. You is the real life Bane then, congratz Artemis. mata kakkoiii ne !!?

HalibetLector said...

Another possibility is you have stronger neural pathways from your brain to your muscles. A good write up here:

Chris from Sydney said...

Speaking all things Neanderthal, I spent all of Monday and Tuesday reading, in cronological order everything on Koanic's website.

Good thing I did, because when I went to check it this morning the website was down.

Koanic, I hope everything is Ok buddy. I enjoyed reading the comments from the posters because so much of what people wrote echoed my own life experiance.

If you deliberately inflicted upon a Cro-mag kid the things we went through you'd be in jail for child abuse.
Tex, you're not a Dr Who fan are you ?
Here's a plot synopsis, (spoiler alert Ok) from the Tom Baker golden age of Dr Who.

The story 'Genesis of the Daleks' tells the story of the genetic engineering of the Daleks to exterminate the Thal's (interesting choice of name) by the Kaled scientist Davros, whose creations destroy the Thal's then turn on Kaled's who, having recognised the danger are attempting to stop the production of the Daleks.

In the end, the Thal's are dead, the Kaled's are all dead and the Daleks turn on Davros and his bodyguard and kill them.
The Cro-mags were created by the Melonheads (Davros) to drestroy the Neanderthals (Thal's)and given the technology to do it. The project gets out of hand and the Melonheads, recognising the consequences of their actions, try to shut the whole thing down, but they can't.

The Cro-mags revolt and overpower the Melonheads and their Nephilim guards.

The Cro-mags then multiply and spread countless suffering to millions of lives throughout the planet.
The End.

P.S, the scientist Davros is crippled and uses a 'wheelchair' that looks like the bottom half of a Dalek.
If the Dalek represents Cro-mag, and Davros is part Cro-mag it would account for his psychopathy.
Koanic speculated the worst of the worst are Cro-mag Melonhead hybrids.
Dr Who fans feel free to sound off.

Lugh said...

I read some Koanic: he has a very different moral outlook than Tex. He didn't think Jimmy Saville was that bad - just a Melonhead doing what he was meant to do. I hope this was an anamoly in his philosophical outlook.

Jonathan said...

I think I might be in the same boat as you, Tex. I have the Neanderthal recessed eye sockets that Koanic shows pics of. I started working out once a week a few years ago, for the first time in my early forties, and I'm already my trainer's strongest client on half the exercises. All my old suits with the 39" shoulders still fit the same, though.

Garry Joe said...

Lugh said...
"He didn't think Jimmy Saville was that bad - just a Melonhead doing what he was meant to do. I hope this was an anamoly in his philosophical outlook."

You are not alone in your observation. IMO there is something off about that dude.

Simon said...


Unfortunately, Koanic is exceptionally talented at rationalisation, and I fear it is a trait that will lead him to Hell.

Edward said...

Seems like there is a lot of stuff in Dr Who that could be relevant.

Look at the Osirian's
who seem to act a lot like the StarGate goa'uld.

Are these things random inspiration, ancient myths recirculated, or some concious intent to create modern day
cultural awareness
of a forgotten history?

Amy Haines said...

Interesting, Chris from Sydney.

Watching Dr. Who lately has been painful; the obligate inclusion of all things multicult, homosexual, anti-gun and egalitarian was getting to be too much to bear. It did not square with real life in my estimation, yet I cannot stop watching the show. The entertainment value is high for me, and perhaps my joy in criticizing it for its Labor sympathies keeps me coming back.

Either way, I see your Dalek analogy clearly and tend to agree in a way. Daleks represent all that is rational, cold, calculated, and genetically pure. This is what I fear; a world of perfect purity where even the slightest aberration is ferreted out and either corrected or obliterated, like the little boy with the ball on Camazotz in A Wrinkle In Time.

At some point, we have to recognize that we are neither creatures of pure reason nor pure passion; hence, the entrance The Doctor, who embodies both. Recently, Matt Smith's incarnation of The Doctor has been not only capable of but willing to let people die for their sins, perhaps indicating a shift in thought as to punishment for the guilty? The episode "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" saw The Doctor send Solomon to his death for the genocide of the Silurians...

Yet, I can sense that the writers see the Silurians as invaders who seek Britain as a homeland, who deserve Britain, and yet were genocided by Solomon (white British natives) and therefore the native Britons are sentenced to death in order to allow the invaders to flourish, for the invaders' goals are more lofty, and humane, and whatnot.

I fear Doctor Who has become a parody of the cutting social commentary it once was, and is now merely a tool to brainwash fan-boi types into believing that guns are never the answer, everyone is cool, race/species mixing is first rate, and empowered man-eating (yet sterile) females (Amy Pond) are the desired type of woman.

Koanic said...

Banging young girls who've had their periods is one thing - a historical norm. I think Savile was involved in much worse now, and that he's quite evil.

Dun Mor said...

Neanderthals show evidence of cooked grains (and thus rendered fats) about 50,000 years ago -- well through the interglacial.

Mike Hoag said...

Anyone remotely familiar to the Iron game knows this is a fairy tale.

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