Saturday, January 5, 2013

Election Then False Flag Then Reaction

All within a month of "winning" the Kwanstainian election.

Barack Obama isn't just an amazing creature of unlimited religious-like superpowers, he is also so lucky that spree killings happen at the exact moments he needs them to for policy reasons.

All those "paranoids" who guaranteed that Obama would go after guns if he got in again? They were all right. Everybody else was wrong.

Obama is supposedly a "constitutional lawyer," so surely he must know he has to call a constitutional convention to change the 2nd Amendment. Apparently they are just skipping right over that whole "rule of law thing" and going straight to the stuff they want to do like Oliver Cromwell. See how boring history is? It just repeats over and over again. If you know anybody who doesn't think history is boring, it is because they are not sufficiently familiar with it. History is a drag because it is just the same play over and over again with a change of actors.

I talked to enough people from the former United States before the election to know they did this to themselves. They either supported the media selected candidate Mitt Romney or they were actually stupid enough to vote Obama again. They rejected Ron Paul and now the pain is coming. Ron Paul was the last chance gas station.

Civilizations are dysgenic by nature and rarely last more than 200 years. That's just enough time for everybody else to "get their boots on" and get involved at which time the entire society goes straight down the drain.

'Stain government now to provide direct assistance and logistics to criminals to wage war on the law abiding. 

Manboons are not a learning animal. Melonheads made them beasts in the shape of men to work behind a plow or fight in mass battles as sport. They are not complete human beings, rather a fraction of a real person, a replicant, a simulation of the true man of the Earth, the Neanderthal. Homo Sapiens is a like a pale washed out photo of a human.

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scipioafricanus said...

I Supported Ron Paul in both elections, it was tragic to see him loose.