Sunday, January 20, 2013

Did You Know STDs Have Wiped Out Nations?

It is a fascinating hidden part of human history.

Syphilis and gonorrhea have destroyed or sterilized entire populations, changed demographics, caused mass migrations and weakened a nation's ability to field boots on the ground in their militaries.

Kwanstainians rattle on about "liberation" without knowing the history of these epidemics in Greece, Rome, Europe, North America, South America and huge swaths of the Middle East, Asia and Africa. I read a very interesting book a couple years back about it. Colonizers have killed and sterilized more natives with transmitted sexual diseases than the ones that are okay to talk about like typhoid and cholera.

As America acquires the profile of a third world epidemiology it is going to wreak terrible horrors on the inhabitants in coming years the likes of which they cannot possibly imagine. You see, another one of the virtues of Christian faith is that it encourages sexual modesty and monogamy. For those idiots amongst you who say "Yes, but it doesn't work 100%, people violate these precepts anyway," do you really claim to understand what happens when this salt and light is taken away? Even the pretense to some unspoken social protocol like keeping a mistress or lover outside of marriage alters drastically once Christian social mores fade away. Sex was never available as a commodity, by it's nature it implies obligations and once you "liberate" yourself from these restrictions you will find that your society will unravel with crazy, exhilarating wild dizzying speed.

When somebody tells you that you have been diagnosed with incurable gonorrhea, you're going to be seeing clearly for the first time in your life. Unfortunately it will be too late to do you any good.

We've talked about the "cascade" phenomenon in social collapses before on Vault-Co. I am of the opinion that we are seeing this right now in the Kwa. Exponential problems mounting on top of other problems which cause more problems at exponential rates at the same time the country is losing the resources and options to do anything about these problems. These conditions always lend themselves to the rise of various tyrants and dictatorships but they never really solve any of these problems either.

Disease will return as a major scourge of mankind. Manboons can do nothing to stop it. You have to seek health as an individual and rely on good sanitation practices to avoid it for yourself and your loved ones.


styrac said...

"US adolescents have had the highest rate of pregnancies of affluent countries since the 1990s and are more likely to acquire sexually transmitted infections. The US has the second highest HIV rate and the highest incidence of Aids among the 17 countries."

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Your first link is bad. Thanks for this; I shared it around.

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Something you will find very interesting -

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