Thursday, January 10, 2013

Depopulation Is The Biggest Risk To Mankind

When I was younger (about 25 years ago) I was worried about overpopulation. I am embarrassed to even speak about it but we accept the reality we are trained to believe in. I had read too much of the hebephrenic squealer Paul Ehrlich who was promoted to me by a friend of mine at the time. We often find ourselves attracted to ideas that are offered to us by those we respect.

My mind has changed so radically since those days that nearly every major idea I had back then I abandoned. Do you know why? I realized these ideas were not the product of my own reasoning but notions planted into my head through social engineering.

I realize now that this planet could easily support 500 billion people, as long as those people were of the right constitution and makeup. All that gibberish I believed in when I was younger seems to me to border on religious dogma and superstitious drivel these days. I don't take it anymore seriously than my upbringing in Catholicism. For me it has come to represent the absence of good reasoning and perception, not the summit of it.

The real dilemma facing mankind is rapid and unrelenting depopulation. Good news for the haters of mankind, who lurk all about us planning to dominate a much smaller subset of people than we have alive now on the earth.


hitfan said...

"I realize now that this planet could easily support 500 billion people, as long as those people were of the right constitution and makeup."

I prefer quality over quantity. What I'm going to say will sound very politically incorrect, but I'd rather this planet be solely inhabited by a modest number of white europeans than the current makeup of the world population which is creating pressures on the West where they face Camp of the Saints-style third world migrations. The sycophants on the left want their votes while the treasonous business elites embrace the current scenario for it's downward effect on labor costs. When the West looks like the Third World and it's host population is overwhelmed, whatever made it attractive to outsiders will be no more.

I'm not sure what the equilibrium is for a sustainable world population. I think that as long as the social and economic systems can sustain them, then people will naturally increase in population with higher birthrates and less infant mortality.

Japan has resisted immigration to it's shores, and yes, their population has dropped. But why is this considered a bad thing? They want to preserve the Japanese character of their nation. Should they become suicidal like the West and accept non-Japanese immigrants with a higher birthrate? Their low birthrate might only be temporary anyway, an economic boom could cause a baby boom to occur.

I admittedly bought into the Peak Oil theory back in 2004. But I underestimated the effect that advances in technology would have in creating new energy sources. While I don't subscribe to the abiotic oil theory as you do, "fracking" has quite literally created many more sources of natural gas that were considered unviable, previously. The drop in natural gas prices has been evident in the past 5 years as a result of this.

It wouldn't surprise me if the anti-fracking activism is actually funded by OPEC and conventional gas producers simply because they don't like the downward pressure on prices.

Lugh said...

Crowding brings out the worst in people - and rats btw. A study was done of that: pair bonds broke down, alpha males had harems, other males formed gangs to terrorize unaffiliated rats, these rats stayed hidden and only came out when the gangs where asleep. The parallel with humans was stunning.

And once the limit was reached, what then? Then birth control would have to be practiced with zero margin for error. Why would humanity want to do that? Overpopulation and then a crash in poplulation is what happens to animals. There's nothing human about that - despite what the Church says.

KW Jackson said...

The crowded rats studies are only relevant to prison populations because the rats are in a prison environment. It's a total fallacy to compare the rats in cages with nowhere to go to overpopulated human settlements where the option to leave is real.

H├ęctor said...

@hitfan: I wouldn´t put a country on the border of financial oblivion and possible future physical extinction as a good example to follow. The option is not between having more immigrants or dying, there is a third way which was the way of our ancestors, which is reproduce and thrive, but feminism has blocked that way in the minds of women and many men, who think an obnoxious and independent female is of benefit to any society (no matter if she is white or black or blue).

Do you really know what is the carrying capacity of the planet? Does anyone know it? Specially when almost half the edible food in the world is wasted

In this comments we can certainly measure the success of the brainwashing campaign of the world elites.