Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Converting The Kwanstain Into North Korea

... that's exactly what Barack Obama is doing to the United States.

I was wrong. I thought they wanted a managed police state with corporate socialism.

That's exactly what they don't want because it still permits individual initiative to some degree.

Their actions since they won the election make it obvious they plan to introduce a draconian regime that completely sweeps aside the Constitution and all limits to government power.

It is truly incredible that they face no more opposition than what they have. Fifty years ago there would be open secession, impeachment proceedings against Obama and arrests made for treason within weeks of the beginning of the year.


Garry Joe said...

I talk to my folks about these issues often and they seem to understand, but then they watch the TV and go back to parroting exactly the same nonsense.

They don't call it Television Programming for nothing.

I am starting to think we will have to wait for that weak minded generation and older to die, before change is possible. They are just too stupid and lazy to learn to use a computer, let alone find alternative views on the internet.

Contrapundit said...

It couldn't read the link -- the 22 signs. It just sounded too scary. And it ain't Halloween.

njartist said...

Do not assume the weak minded are confined to the older generations: you're going to be sorely disappointed.

ray said...

Their actions since they won the election make it obvious they plan to introduce a draconian regime that completely sweeps aside the Constitution and all limits to government power.

well duh what other kind of State would kritters from Draco indroduce?

probly not Jesus' kingdom eh?

Chris from Sydney said...

Garry Joe, I had a similar experiance a few weeks ago when I was talking with a Christian pastor who does NOT own a T.V. He refuses to watch T.V because he, correctly, views it as a corrupting influence.

We were talking about the Newtown school shooting and he said 'The guy got the gun off his mum, she was some crazy survivalist nut apparently.'

I replied 'The American economy is shattered, it's only a matter of time before it collapses completely. Economic collapse is historically associated with civil unrest. It would only be sensible to have a few extra cans of baked beans in the house and to make sure you have a way to protect yourself'

'But that's differant' the pastor replied.

'No it's not. It's the same thing, it's just that I've reframed the situation. Just because I don't own a big media outlet doesn't make what I said less valid then what the newspaper printed, the media has an agenda, you know that'

'You know I don't watch T.V....(he back peddled, you get the idea)

The guy refuses to watch T.V but still reads newspapers.
Reading newspapers or anything online without being able to analyse what is written, and without being able to differenciate betweeen facts, opinion and the spin put on the facts, should be an automatic disqualification from voting.

The thing is, the people intelligent enough to analyse information are smart enough to know that conventional politics is designed to ensure that nothing changes.

The older generation, in the end, will do as it's told.
I can't wait to see how all the preachers who preach multi-cult and encourage White genocide through inter-marriage and 'assimilation' change their tune when supporting multi-cult is no longer fashionable :)

As connoisseur's of human folly we are certainly blessed to be alive at this time !

hitfan said...

John Kerry said the following in his farewell speech to the Senate:

Although it could be lost in his long, long Senate farewell speech, incoming Secretary of State John Kerry took care to criticize America Wednesday on the Senate floor.

“America, I regret to say, is increasingly defaulting rather than choosing,” Kerry noted, after complaining of the “perpetual campaign” and the “polarized” media.

“So we fail to keep pace with other nations in the renewal of our infrastructure,” he continued, “in the improvement of our schools, in the choice of our energy sources, in the care and nurturing of our children, in the fulfillment of our God-given responsibility to protect life here on Earth.”

The latter is certainly a tragedy. The truth is, the main reason why it's happening is because the United States is being transformed into a Third World nation. By importing a strange and alien people in the name of diversity and economic growth, those who make up the historic American nation (you know, those pesky white males that liberals love to hate) simply don't feel like they have a stake in their country anymore. Why should one agree to tax increases for much needed maintenance if these seem to only go to favored groups and well-connected elites in government?

People care less and less about the country because it's being taken away from them. Why should one even lift a finger to defend the nation if it's being transformed into an Afro banana republic by mandate and to enrich the corrupt?

We tend to look in hindsight and ask ourselves why did the Romans not care about the destruction of their nation. On the surface, we look at the decadent aristocracy who mismanaged it or that lead in the water caused some form of collective insanity. But I think the average Roman citizen just simply became disgusted at what their country had become and simply threw up their hands.

hitfan said...

Rick Santelli: 'We Are Now Europe'


I'm not sure why neoconservatives constantly bemoan that "we are becoming more like Europe". I take a different view in that I wish we'd have done everything possible to retain the white European character of the nation.

Go back fifty years when the country had much different demographics. There was certainly much more political support for a higher tax rate at the top margins, and scores of new social programs were being debated.

If it weren't for the 1965 immigration act, we'd probably would have seen Universal single payer health care a lot sooner because the main leftist party would not be perceived as the anti-white party. In an act of political self-defense, the white conservative base aligned themselves with the pro-business party.

Rick Santelli is wrong. We're not becoming more like Europe -- South Africa and Zimbabwe is what America's future is going to look like.

ray said...

"But I think the average Roman citizen just simply became disgusted at what their country had become and simply threw up their hands"

pretty much

not the average citizen, tho . . . it was actually the withdrawl of the average male citizen that finished the empire (until it re-formed as the u.s.)

exactly like america and the west, the centralized government became so powerful, that it could afford to alienate (and to persecute) its non-upper class male citizenry, and to transfer most of its wealth to (already wealthy) females, largely for "discretionary spending" purposes (luxury)

eventually, the average roman man simply found no reason to marry and raise kids, as he was cut off at the knees by a combo of the male elite, and collective female power, and their widespread skankiness

sound familiar?

toward the end the dying republic tried everything to force men to marry the horrid, spoiled roman women, even bachelor taxes and punishments . . . but the guys simply went underground and stopped participating in a system that disenfranchised and despised them

the rest was inevitable, just like it's gonna be here