Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chinese Leadership Reads Vault-Co

China stockpiling rice, essential precious metals for armaments and other scarcity goods in a time of war.

They don't believe in the multicultural diversity globalist paradise. They anticipate another kind of future, the one we have been talking about on Vault-Co for the past ten years.

The big emphasis for civilian targets for the Chinese military is expeditious use of the neutron bomb where applicable.

If you are constructing a Vault you should design it accordingly. This means not just three feet of crushed rock overhead but extremely good shielding at all entry points both vertical and horizontal. Water is the best shielding pound for pound but you can also use beans and rice because they have a lot of water content.

I purchased cube-shaped water vessels that lend themselves to easy stacking. This is one of the simpler ways to protect a shelter from reflected neutrons, seal it behind you by stacking these up and of course you can always drink the water.

The reason the neutron bomb is so much more effective at killing people in underground shelters is not the way it penetrates the usual shielding but rather the way it bounces around conventional 90 degree turns. So you could be inside a conventional shelter and be fully shielded from the nearby detonation by your overhead mass and at the same time receive a full dose because of the way the neutrons reflect around corners and spray inside the shelter area. These entrances must be sealed after you are situated inside the shelter with some form of expedient mass, water being one of the best options.

Of course the reason that the Chinese got the neutron bomb is that the design was sold to them by Albert Gore in order to acquire sufficient funds to get Bill Clinton re-elected along with many other classified military secrets back in the 90's. It was possibly the highest level espionage operation ever discovered in the history of the United States. These two actually sold out their own countrymen to get a foreign power to subsidize their re-election campaign. I challenge you to find a single instance of treason this monstrous in the history of the late Roman Empire. Even Nero would have balked at madness on this scale.


styrac said...

According to a " Constitutional Law Professor" (probably one of Obama's butt-buddies) the reason the entire US system is broken is the Constitution itself "with all its archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions."

styrac said...

Implementing Agenda 21: Rural America “Less and Less Relevant” say Monsanto-backed ghoul:

We don't want you strolling around the countryside, you should be living more and more closely together packed like rats so that your control and elimination is made easier:

Edward said...

The Chinese do seem to be busily preparing for some major cataclysm that they are not telling anyone about.

Look at all the reports newly built but unpopulated cities.

The story we get is that this is just a consequence of a real estate bubble, or overspending to keep employment levels high or boost reported GDP.

I do wonder if it's actually preparation for the relocation of some major population centres.

styrac said...

Because they know ITZ COMING!


Good comment on Gore and Clinton. Two years ago, a Chinese sub surfaced in the midst of a U.S. Carrier battle group in the South China Sea. The technology for manufacturing silent propellers was shipped to China during Clinton's regime by Litton Industries (now part of Boeing), in the form of precision machine tools. This was before virtually all machine tools were shipped to China. The Zionists are strip mining the U.S., which they expect to be destroyed in a war with China. I hope you are learning Mandarin, Texas. The Chinks will need some homegrown administrators when they come for their wheat fields.