Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kenyan Oligarch Announces Dissolution of Congress and the Republic

Biden says that the Obamination will simply do whatever he wants by fiat with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those "executive orders" established by simple gradualism now trump the rule of law apparently.

The country is really disintegrating right before our eyes. It is truly falling apart in real-time now.

Just like we told you, IDIOCRACY was science fantasy. Any nation as dumb as the one depicted by Mike Judge in his movie would collapse within a very short time. They would never last 5 years, much less 500 years into the future. Get your popcorn and watch this turkey burn.

Manboons don't "think," they emote. They inhabit an essentially irrational world no matter how rational their government system may have been originally. Irrational madness will always trump the best "systems" because it is easy for somebody as stupid as these people are to ignore whatever the law says and just do whatever feels right at that instant.


hitfan said...

40% of gun owners are Democrats. If they actually attempt to impose more gun control, it will be very easy for Republicans to pick off liberal gun owners. There are many Senate seats from so-called "red states" that have Democratic Senators who will stand for reelection in 2014.

Why would the Democratic party risk spending political capital if it will only reinvigorate political opposition? At some point, some cost-benefit analysis has to be done and they have to come to the conclusion that if they want the patronage gravy train to continue, they need to win seats in areas that are sympathetic to gun owners.

Obama didn't touch the issue of gun control with a hundred foot barge pole in his first term. I did state that I would be surprised if he did in his second term. So if they actually try this, I'll eat my hat. They would be giving a gift to the Republican opposition if they did that.

Texas Arcane said...

I wouldn't get too comfortable just yet.

Your arguments assumes these people are driven by rational self-interest. I don't see that. I think their motives are much more sinister and outside of politics altogether.

hitfan said...

"Your arguments assumes these people are driven by rational self-interest. I don't see that. I think their motives are much more sinister and outside of politics altogether."

You might be very well right. I will be the first to concede if my prognostications are wrong.

I don't doubt that the gun grabbers are quite sinister in their motives, even when they say that their intentions are noble. I assumed that they learned their lesson after Bill Clinton's previous forays into demonizing gun owners back in the 1990s.

The one good thing about Bush II was that the so-called assault weapons ban expired on his watch. The price to pay, however, were wars for the Zionists, and an attempt at amnesty.

That being said, I appreciate that the 2nd amendment exists, regardless of the controversy over it's interpretation. It is the ultimate monkey wrench that flies in the face of the globalists.

Garry Joe said...

Obama signs law giving himself, Bush lifetime Secret Service guard

KW Jackson said...

History says that disarmament is for slaves - or the soon to be piles of corpses that the body politic is afraid will jeopardize their monopoly of force. We don't even need to speculate on what their agenda might be. We have an over-abundance of historical examples of what happens after total disarmament. It's the final significant step in turning humans into livestock.