Monday, January 28, 2013

Beating Bolshevists With Tire Irons Does Not Cure Them Of Being Stupid

Here the Milwaukee sheriff encourages people to be responsible for their own self defense. An honest man breaks through the holograph to tell people the truth - calling 911 is something you do to make sure you get a reasonably tasteful funeral.

More amazing is the retort by the Milwaukee Mayor, who barely escaped with his life after being beaten at random with a tire iron by one of his constituents. The mayor is lucky to even be alive at all and still frowns on the notion of self-defense. That is worse than stupid.

God made men unequal. Samuel Colt gave them the means for peaceful coexistence. The mayor tried to punch his way out of it and was clearly in a situation where he was overpowered by his attacker. A concealed carry weapon flashed as soon as the perp got hostile would have stopped this situation dead.

Manboons are not learning animals.

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