Thursday, January 17, 2013

2025 : Why Britain Will Live Under Sharia Law

When you are utterly empty as a human being, Islam as an organizing principle comes to seem a very attractive substitute for the vacuum where your soul would normally go.

If you just compare the two ideologies, it is always obvious which one is going to win:

1. Cosmopolitan secular atomized consumerism, anti-nationalism, cultural dissolution, mardi gras, high quality streaming porn, post-industrial nihilism and negative growth birthrates.


2. Simple but firm universal principles for conduct and social order, high birthrates, sexual modesty, rigid purposeful hieriarchy organized under central religious orthodoxy.

Islam will win every time. Trust me, I know human history. The guy arguing we all need to be left alone to manstrubate versus real men as patriarchial leadership over a family oriented society. Islam will win.

They are winning the war where it counts, in the bedroom. They can put enough boots on the ground to end opposition by simply waiting for it to grow old and die. Islam will win.

Stupid, stupid people. They kevorkianed themselves in their own country by importing a far superior ideology to the bleak, meaningless gibberish they were offering as a value system.


iese_83 said...

Just watched the video lastnight, it was quite unbelievable, so bold they´ve become. "This is a Muslim area.." that sickens me to hear, in a White country. But du bist richtig, they´ll win, if you Anglos don´t change and lightning fast !. They also know how to say "no" to women, and boss them around. Something the Englishman doesn´t probably even understand as an abstract thought. Schopenhauer new what he was talking about !.

tony said...

i am old enough to remember when australia was a good country and yes that was when it was a white country i have the joy of living in sydney and i know first hand how extremely low the calibre of the non white people the gov is flooding the country with is the only decent non whites i have worked with are chinese who in my experience mostly are very nice people most asians here are decent but the rest they are destroying our country this is no accident

Garry Joe said...

Can't argue with any of that.

The only solution is session from the people in group 1. If we don't secede from them, we are dead. It is that simple.

They drag everyone around them into their black hole. They are human undertow.

marlon said...

YouTube has pulled the video. It's a damned shame that organized Christianity has become so apathetic and pathetic.

Hopefully this will be a wake up call for Christians.

marlon said...
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Garry Joe said...

Okay guys, prepare to have your mind blown:

Sandy Hook Mystery Man Identified; Why Did This Off Duty SWAT Officer Armed With A Gun Run Off Into The Woods Instead Of Helping The Students?

njartist said...

Video location: The Commentator.