Monday, December 24, 2012

Shrinkworld is a Scam Invented By Bums

That's right. Statistics don't lie. The people who treat others for "mental illness" are themselves the most suicidal, disturbed and unstable members of the population.

It's a job for people too lazy and useless to do anything else. Analyzing people and deciding what is wrong with them is a neurotic pastime that permits innately confused people to project their internal turmoil onto others. It is avoidance of one's own problems, which are likely unsolvable for most of these shrinks.

As an arm of the State, they get special protection to justify prescribing drugs to nearly everyone. Soviet psychiatry was a joke, it was a cheaper, economically more efficient means of chemical and physical lobotomization for dissidents to avoid paying for their upkeep in prisons. Western psychiatry has devolved into something even more toxic, with a drug for whatever it is they say ails you and not a single one of them worth a damn for treating anything. That garbage should all be thrown out the window except then the birds might eat them.


Rowan said...

Merry Christmas Tex.

FrankNorman said...

I think this confuses Psychology with Psychiatry. There's an old saying that the reason anyone becomes a psycho-analyst is the hope that if he treats enough other people, he might figure out how to cure himself.

Big Pharma has certainly hijacked much of medicine in general, from being about healing people, to being about raking in the bucks for a small elite.

But I must disagree about all drugs being worthless. Some no doubt are. But a friend of mine up and decided he didn't need his meds, and next thing I heard he was trying to commit suicide. The stuff he's on now seems to be doing him good, as he's more lucid and outgoing than before, though it does have some side-effects.

Garry Joe said...

"But a friend of mine up and decided he didn't need his meds, and next thing I heard he was trying to commit suicide."

Yes, the mind altering drugs they give them are so powerful, if you come off them cold turkey, that can certainly happen.

The thing that bugs me is people had no need for these drugs, for millions of years. If it were true that so many were unable to function without them, natural selection would have weeded them out long ago.

My question is why do we have so many mental defectives now?

Some dude said...

Because our society is unnatural, cold, and heartless. Also, we are tewching people spiritual and mental poison. The avg american sees about 3000 ads a day. (Or so they say), think that shit doesnt fuck with your head? How about living in a society composed of people who see 3000 add a day? The people who are crazy from seeing the ads contributes to the poison, the ads you yourself see contribute to the poison. The wuestion isnt why these people act nuts, its why anyone is functional at all