Monday, December 31, 2012

Oliver Stone Tells Some Partial Truths

The 'Stain is an Orwellian society.

The most authentic thing in this interview is near the end where they describe the current inhabitants of that once great nation as people too mentally weak to concentrate on anything much longer than five minutes. That's a four-and-a-half minute exaggeration but it's still pertinent.

Russia today has more free men than the West and is a saner place

No nation that gets like the Kwa has any hope of reform. To reform itself it would still need people bright enough to walk and chew gum at the same time. The Kwa doesn't have the good basic root stock to restore their vineyard. The grapes that remain are there to be trampled by the wrath of God.

Something important I understand now about declining civilizations is that as a general rule the people who remain at the end are too out of it to even understand what is happening to them. The last men are too dopey to appreciate the depth of what they have lost. They are numb from emptiness. In a way this is almost a mercy. They are not capable of the really sharp emotional pain that would come from the awareness of the tragedy of their circumstances and what they have done to themselves and their inheritance.

Ten years ago I expressed it as a hunch that there was a kind of Bell Curve of biology and at the declining end the mammals born into abundancy became less perceptive, less cognitive and less likely to respond to negative stimuli with sharp emotional aversion than each previous generation. It is a twist on the ancient metaphor for the gods driving mad first those they intended to destroy. A decade ago my thoughts on this subject were very primitive stuff albeit pretty advanced relative to everyone else's but my understanding of the nature of these problems has matured remarkably since those days. Those of you who think I am a quitter, lack spirit in me or tend to avoid any chance to assert myself should know that I just don't believe I have a dog in this fight anymore. The truth is that I know even if I fought the decay that I see all around me, I don't believe there would be anything in it for me over the longer term. Our society is not a meritocracy and it rewards the valiant with scorn and alienation. I have seen it happen to so many others I know how futile this would be for me.

Recently somebody I knew about twenty years ago challenged me to return to the U.S. and try to struggle to restore my country. Amongst other things, it's not my country anymore. I'm an Australian citizen and would have surrendered my American citizenship by now if they had not made it so hard to defect. On top of that, I don't see anything left of the country I was born in. It's just gone. All those people there now are strangers to me, most of them born on foreign soil who I will never have anything in common with.

I don't think the bulk of people who live there realize how dire their predicament is.

For example, there is the comic instance of describing a society as "Orwellian" to people who have never read Orwell. It is futile to even try to explain to them their situation.


Garry Joe said...

Anonymous releases how-to instructions on fooling facial recognition

Garry Joe said...

Alain Soral on Feminism [English subtitles]

He is saying the only people that get anything out of Feminism are the Middle Classes - Bourgeoisie.

Their women escape "boredom" by getting interesting jobs, while anyone that is poorer than them, has their standard of living and ability to have a family, greatly reduced.

Rzero said...

Its 2013! And ITZ did not happen!:O

Nor will it happen anytime soon. Tex knows this. That's why he shifted his attention from TEOTWAWKI scenarios to neanderthal progenitor theory.

Anyway, I wish you all a SANE and happy 2013.

Cheer up! It's not like it's the end of the world! :)


Lugh said...

I've heard that they make it very hard and expensive to renounce American Citizenship. But that means you keep paying American taxes, right? Isn't that more expensive that renouncing?

styrac said...

Obama's new social order explained in less than 3 minutes:

styrac said...

styrac said...