Sunday, December 23, 2012

Official Story of Sandy Hook Is Nonsense

This is consistent in the majority of mass shootings in the past couple of years.

You look a little closer at what didn't get printed, you find again and again that the facts were whittled down and nearly all the conflicting information was shaved off before officials settled on an explanation.

Why do they do this? Well, the cops on the scene are lazy as hell. They want to do the minimum amount of work they can possibly get away with. This is why they appreciate "narrators" with Federal authority who show up and "explain" to them what happened, complete with corroborating anecdotes. This allows the police to go back to doing what they excel at, which is staring through a glass cabinet at Krispy Kreme trying to decide on what donut they want. They are after all, merely human beings and as a rule the majority of human beings are unbelievably incompetent at their jobs. The police are no different from lawyers, teachers, soldiers and doctors in the modern era. They're lazy and they avoid situations which cause pain, like crime scenes that present a lot of confusing evidence that might require them to do a lot of work to untangle the facts and figure out what actually happened.


deadman said...

Deport British Citizen Piers Morgan

- deadman

Bob said...

Veterans Today is certainly a very informative news website. It just goes to show how big the void is that exists between mainstream news and the possible truth. Tex, are there any benevolent people walking the halls of power who realise this discrepancy?

Garry Joe said...

Put this on HD. It looks like a pump action shotgun to me.

Garry Joe said...

I see that video made it into the story. Ignore my previous post.

KW Jackson said...

Being a policy enforcer is actually boring & tedious work for those with low-intelligence or enough emotional damage related to authority figures to get high while doing it. It's not a dangerous job at all. It's far more dangerous to be an open-water fisherman, a lumberjack, or a construction worker (orders of magnitude more dangerous). So it's very easy to manipulate these people. They're all failures of the worst order in the Millgram experiment - that is, they don't even need to be prompted to kill the test-subject. Quite frankly they have to be willing to kill you for any reason to pass the psych-screen. Their training, to force-escalate instead of reason in natural justice, speaks volumes about their purpose - to control and kill the population. Authority, a snifter of power, and cheap credit through police credit unions, combined with a self-reinforcing culture of emotional isolation, keeps these abused children and natural sociopaths topped up on the opiates of violent control. This is just monkey-brain-chemistry at work.