Saturday, December 15, 2012

New World Order Ghouls Prepare Their Feast

They can't wait to bring it up. Fake crocodile tears for dead kids is just another shtick they do.

Monsters and perverts never saw a child corpse they didn't savour as a political tool. They can't even wait for the bodies to go in the ground before their miserable sibilant whispering begins.

Give us your means of defense and we will see to it another child never dies. That's our promise we're making and we'll keep it as sure as we kept it to the people of the Ukraine in Russia in the 1920's.


hitfan said...

I know about all the arguments about gun safety and regulations, etc. in a perfect world, only those who should have guns (the law abiding, police, military) while the dregs of society (the criminal element) do not.

But even in the face of this, I err on the side of the gun owner. To those who are firearms advocates, simply grow a spine and a hard heart to withstand the political attacks. Fight back.

I think that because so many people in the US already own firearms, will just make it that much harder for the gun grabbers to confiscate and disarm citizens. As badly interpreted that the 2nd amendment has been at times, it has been the ultimate monkey wrench that flies in the face of the globalists' designs.

hitfan said...

PS: if Romney had won the election, there would be much greater pressure on him to enact sweeping new gun control measures to appear "moderate".

I know that having Obama in charge sucks for a good segment of the American population. But by having the Kenyan usurper right where he is will stiffen the resolve of his political opposition.

And besides, Obama doesn't want to stir the hornet's nest and will want things to hum along as long as possible so that more money can be squeezed from the taxpayer to pay off and hand out patronage to his allies.

I could be wrong, however. The RINOs might cave in anyhow. But by having a majority in the House, perhaps enough of them will grow a backbone by acting like a recalcitrant opposition party--just like they were elected to do.

The cultural Marxists are still smarting from Clinton overplaying his hand on the assault weapons ban. They remember 1994 very well when they motivated the electorate against themselves.

Ave said...

Actually you don't even have to go as far as the Ukraine, it seems the US had a local version of it as well :

It's always interesting when after a while dirty secrets come out because these countries still hate each other.

Garry Joe said...

Just like Jared Loughner, Lanza was a psychotic Jewish guy from an upper class Jewish neighborhood.

The MSM are saying he was "autistic", and are not Demonizing White Christians like they normally do, because this story is too close to THEM and they want it to go away.

iese_83 said...

A Joo, huh ?. Wow, i´m not surprised. That makes it even lower, more repulsive. Pretty amazing anyway, Merica is really in diip sheet, it might be the ´storm before the calm´. Maybe after Arcane´s "Solar Max" things will quiet down and people get some sense, maybe not. Poor fucking kids !. Darkness is everywhere and it probably only gets worse, "Gothams reckoning" is arriving. A pale rider in the Horizon and death rides with him.

Chris from Sydney said...

Bob exposes the media circus following the murders

Garry Joe said...

"Wow, i´m not surprised. That makes it even lower, more repulsive."

Not really amazing or special in itself, but the Silence surrounding it, speaks Volumes.

If it was a Muslim or White Christian, "our" media would be going apeshit about "dangerous fanatics" for weeks. But as it is a YNW, no one talks about it, unless they dig and whisper about it on the internet.

We Whites are in a very precarious position. We have a elite ruling over us, that is 100% hostile to our existence.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” ― Voltaire

Garry Joe said...

See the Lanza surname here:

Garry Joe said...

They are saying he is not YKW. I am not so sure now. If you are interested, do your own research.

iese_83 said...

Garry Joe --
I just read and took for myself that Voltaire quote, yesterday. On youtube, cool coincidence that U mention it here. The killer, apparently has Aspergers, which also apparently is a very Jew´ish problem. Our ´JewsPapers´ or Newspapers, are already asking ppl, "should we restrict guns more?" "would that stop this from happening" etc. I guess this is what Alfred was talking about, when Bruce / Batman asked him ; "what would you like me to do" and he said "endure, master Wayne". Endure.