Saturday, December 8, 2012

Modern Science Moves Backwards, Not Forwards

A review of the Boskops, discovered a hundred years ago and better understood then than today, when they are almost forgotten.

Those primitive Neanderthals with their primitive Neanderthal dentistry and primitive herbal amalgamate fillings. The primitive Neanderthal dentist accidentally put the primitive herbal amalgamate treatment right on a cavity, the knuckle-dragging, no-speaking, no-fire-making gorilla bastid.

It seems that year by year, scientists get less and less relevant to anything in the real world outside of their own little cappuccino-sipping circles.

This is what modern science sounds like. A guy runs around in solipsist circles saying nothing, referencing his own non-conclusion he then appeals to some imaginary "consensus" and concludes anything nobody has talked about for a while can't be all that important or else they'd be talking about it. Therefore it isn't worth talking about. This inferior product is passed off as "reasoning" nowadays. This guy is one of the rare birds who gets access to the bones now and again and he still can't draw any worthwhile conclusions. This fellow looks at pristine Neanderthal teeth everyday, knows that they had to eat 6000 calories a day of protein and yet has never put forward the hypothesis that these people may have been cheese-eaters, a very sound theory until proven otherwise. That hypothesis arose on this site with the help of a visitor here, far outside the orthodoxy.

The Boskops skulls, just like those at Malta, are the most important crowning discoveries of anthropology. They are the single most relevant finds in the history of the study of mankind. Three skulls of Boskops have been found inside tombs clearly designed for royalty with their servants buried alongside them, much smaller sized human skulls for all of them.

Not far from where some Boskops skulls were found, they also found a couple of nuclear reactors that had accidentally built themselves and had accidentally run for a couple hundred thousand years after they accidentally refined some uranium ore and then accidentally ran a water coolant system around themselves accidentally putting out the same amount of power accidentally with perfect accidental frequency.

Here's an exact scale drawing of a Boskops skull reconstruction from the man who dug it up. Does that look like normal variation in human skull size to you? You be the judge.

At no less than 8 locations in Africa they have found the Boskops depicted in rock wall paintings, so as to make this process as easy as possible for scienmagistic types. Here's one of them:

Ask yourself why you can't find one of these skulls on display in any mainstream museum in the world? The people paid for these skulls to be dug up with their tax revenues, why don't they have a right to look at them in museums? They were only discovered a century ago, I understand, "more study is necessary" according to a half dozen monographs I have read. They end up in that warehouse you see at the end of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.

Remember these are the same guys who suppressed evidence of European presence in the Americas for the past 25,000 years and told us until recently we were all descended from Africans.


iese_83 said...

That John-character even looks like a twat. Like one of those, modern minisouls, Hipsters or something like that, also reminiscent of Adam from Mythbusters. In the pic where he is smiling, it mostly looks like he is taking a shait(shit). The eyes, the eyes..

styrac said...

As truth about Neanderthals is becoming common knowledge, the reason why certain interests wanted to keep it secret becomes more and more apparent (relevant part starts at 24:00 of the video):

KW Jackson said...

As soon as "extra-terrestrial imperative" came out of his mouth I turned it off.

KW Jackson said...

As soon as "extra-terrestrial imperative" came out of his mouth I turned it off.

Texas Arcane said...

KW -


I'm looking at that Boskops skull.

That ain't no alien.

It's a human with a larger brain mass and greater neoteny in his features. No antennae. No third eyeball.

That's a human skull. It's just bigger than ours. What is so hard about all this? That guy didn't step out of a UFO. It is obvious to me that bigger brains like these would be very successful if they could harness slaves to do their manual labor for them. Otherwise, it's a man.

It's like we found a hominid who had really big hands. People would say "Look at the size of those hands. That guy must have come from outer space."

I don't think so. I think that guy came from right down here.

When they find a fossil of a pile of protoplasm with an eye in the middle and four legs, I'll wonder if that evolved here.

As for the Boskops man, that guy still had to crap with his pants down. That's a man's skull, not an alien's.

This UFO/Alien stuff seems to me to be a kind of cop-out or pseudo-religion.

I think that Boskops man must have been very, very bright. At the end of the day, still a bipedal human. That much is obvious.

hitfan said...

The article asks "They died and we lived, and we can’t answer the question why. Why didn’t they outthink the smaller-brained hominids like ourselves and spread across the planet? Perhaps they didn’t want to."

We're seeing this process being more or less repeated today with the white Europeans who don't seem to mind committing cultural and genetic suicide at breakneck speed.

The paradox of advanced civilization is that those who create a strong, stable society will doom their progeny to comfort and decadence.

Noid said...


The Cosmiclog post linked to this story, "Why Neanderthals Had Arms Like Popeye":

in which they assert that Neanderthals were strictly right-handed. Have you seen any evidence regarding handedness in Neos?

Texas Arcane said...

Hitfan -

Incredible, isn't it?

Being too successful at anything sows the seeds of your own destruction.

The three primary effects of success as a people and a civilization are:

1. You attract opportunist parasites of all kinds, including within your own native population. More and more people figure out how to suck off the juice without putting anything back in, conserving their own metabolic energy for their own needs.

2. Your offspring have no hardship or challenges to teach them your good habits and end up completely unqualified to maintain it.

3. As the infrastructure supports a larger population, so too it requires better maintenance and constant upgrading to meet demand. Miss even a single generation of work orders and before you know it everything will be falling to pieces from people taking it for granted or forgetting it was even there.

Melonhead said...


Read this:

Mainstream science is pushing back the start of cheese-making to 7500 BC in Northern Europe (if not earlier).

I'm planning to write the authors to ask if they've thought of testing Neanderthal pottery for cheese-making signatures. Do you know of any Neanderthal sites off of the top of your head where they found pottery?


delendaestziobot said...

'Boskops skulls rock-wall paintings' LOL, that's a good one, lol, this is still one of the few places where I can get a laugh...