Sunday, December 23, 2012

IDIOCRACY Headline #1

This is what the Supreme Court in "America" thinks fair workplace law consists of.

Gives you a good idea of what kind of country this is now.

The photo of the balding middle-aged insecure dentist with bloodshot eyes is what really makes it for me.


Garry Joe said...

Status Quo Conservatism & Southern Nationalism

Garry Joe said...

B said...

Just a minor quibble, but that's a STATE supreme court, not the Supreme Court of the US. Still idiotic, I agree, but since it's just at the state level there's still a sliver of hope of reversal. Of course with Thomas, Scalia and Alito on the SCOTUS I wouldn't count on it.

Some dude said...

Guys a total fucking idiiot. Why did he say all that shit? Just fire the bitch and be done with it.