Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Knew It Was Something Like That

UPDATE : Choom-Bama has killed more children than Lanza did with drone attacks. (Thanks Garry Joe) Weep those dopefiend tears, Choom-Bro, we knows you be really feelin' it bro. Your constituents may not be keeping track but God has angels numbering each one of your victims and they will testify against you at your judgement Choom-Bro.

Prepping makes you a homicidal killer.

Respect to this article, which manages to vilify preppers, homeschoolers, geniuses and whites all in a couple of paragraphs. Those creepy whites, sneaking about with their canning jars and Izod Lacoste shirts, planning to destroy us all. Since anybody with an IQ above room temperature in America is engaged in some form of preparation (it always has to be for DOOMSDAY, you see!) this pretty much includes all American citizens who can walk and chew gum at the same time. It has been said that all that separates a homeschooling mother from other mothers is a deeper love for their own children, so I guess people who love their offspring could also be folded up into this catch-all definition of what creates "homicidal killers." Wait, I understand this guy was jewish, does that mean ... nah, I have a feeling somehow that won't make the press.

I thought it was the Muslims we were all supposed to fear? Did I get the memo? I can't keep up with who is supposed to be the enemy of the hour. Why don't we just say the enemy of the people is whosoever opposes the government's political aims in one fashion or another. That should cover it.

If the government is really interested in saving lives, they need to start with the medical profession, which murders 200,000 people a year and no doctor ever sees the inside of a jail cell.

When doctors can't do it with their bare hands they program others to do it for them with chemicals.

The real preference of mass murderers is that old standby, "Satan's Little Helper," also known as the baseball bat, which kills far more people than guns each year.

Homo Sapiens proves he is a manufactured chimera by virtue of his aversion to the real world in all it's manifestations. No human being produced as a result of natural adaptation to the real world for over a million years could possibly suffer from an aversion to reality. No way. That's impossible and so is the notion that Homo Sapiens originated as a natural strain of man. As Voltaire, Schopenhauer and Swift have all intimated in their writings, there is no evidence for Homo Sapiens being anything other than a domesticated slave. Amongst so many other things, there is his incomparable love of killing. It's a waste of metabolic energy in most circumstances and ultimately is counterproductive to his own survival.

I never understand why Yanks would continue to cling pathetically to their right to bear arms, especially seeing how good gun control is working out in Australia. I actually feel safer at night in South Central than I do in Sydney. I can remember when this quiet little town had a homicide once or twice a year with a gun and it was a big deal. In the twenty years since then it has truly gotten enriched and diversified. Sydney residents can thank gun control for the random cracks and pops they expect to hear at night nowadays. Another victory for the State. No sane person would want to raise children in Sydney, it's an open sewer. When I arrived there two decades ago the main street looked like Heritage USA at Disneyworld. Nowadays it looks like a night time brothel strip in Thailand except with better street wiring.

Homo Sapiens is not a learning animal. Neanderthals create, build and fix ... Sapiens tears down and destroys.


Garry Joe said...

"Obama has killed more children in predator drone attacks in Pakistan than Adam Lanza killed in Connecticut."

Puts it all in perspective doesn't it?

Texas Arcane said...

... but Obama is an authority figurehead, which makes killing unarmed young children by blowing them to pieces perfectly okay! It's official and approved by rulers and what have you and what not, which makes it totally different if somebody just walks down the street shooting kids! This is manboon logic.

oafus said...


Do you have any advice to those undergoing edjamfacashun on how to prevent the atrophy of the thinking parts of their brain?

Texas Arcane said...

No. What is the payoff for getting an edjamafacashun nowadays? More and more employers regard it as a handicap in a lot of professions. It is becoming self-evident the best and brightest have other channels they arrive through.

In IT, I can tell you that anybody who thinks they will get better employees by requiring edjamfacashun credentials is going to get the absolute bottom of the barrel guaranteed. That's how most of these companies got the way they are.

KW Jackson said...

Refer to the Millgram experiment.
60% of people will kill you because someone in authority will "take responsibility" - which is the easiest lie of all.