Friday, December 28, 2012

Great Depression II Leading To World War III

There are more government dependents than people with jobs in 11 U.S. States

All of them are states that have emphasized diversity, multikult and improvamentation policies for the past thirty years. The wages of sin is death. The penalty for being stupid is extinction. Self-hatred leads to self-immolation. Self-Destruction results in extermination.

If you tolerate people who tell you that you are inherently evil for being born and everything you do is evil and everything your ancestors did was evil when these same people are living on your land mass, eating your food and feasting off your largesse while doing so, you will be destroyed. No animal who is unwilling to fight for territory can ever hope to survive. You will be displaced by hook or by crook and simply committed to the dust. If you are dumb enough to fall in love with your destroyers you will be destroyed.


Garry Joe said...

Good video.

styrac said...

Obongo is an Al-Qaeda accomplice and uses this CIA-created terrorist death squad against sovereign nations like Libya and Syria where they terrorize and kill civilians, while the US propaganda machine (the most uniform one the world has ever seen - Nazi and Soviet propaganda were amateurs compared to it) is portraying Assad who defends his nation from these scumbags as "evil dictator". It is funny to watch Kwanstanian monkeys scream about "freedom" and demand intervention in Syria to help the very people who were sold to them all these years as the ultimate evil. They are the most stupid and degenerate generation of people that ever existed on the face of the earth and are destined for the very end they deserve by voting for Obama. A publicity stunt like the "killing of Bin Laden" is good enough for these shitbags give their president free pass in arming and funding the very Organization supposedly Bin Laden created. Much like the false flag "Gaza flotilla" incident gave Erdogan the approval of the population of Turkey so that he could then proceed to play his dirty role in the pre-decided Syrian conflict. Obama now installed Patriot missiles on the Syria-Turkey border, a move that brings the world one step closer to thermonuclear war. You have a new emperor Ne(g)ro sitting in the White House, a disturbed and utterly insane person and unless he is not removed from office there won't be much of a world left in the near future. His handlers know that general warfare that could end up being thermonuclear warfare is the only option they now have to get themselves out of the economic and strategic mess they created.