Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Global Media Ban On All Stories Like This One

Not "the kind of narratives" that "journalists" want "to tell people."

Anybody on this planet who thinks there is any other way to stop spree killers doesn't understand the human condition or human psychology and should best remain silent on this (and any other) subject.

Here's another murdered child that the coward who took his life didn't have the guts to do it himself. He ordered it done the way you swat a fly. Makes a down-low brother proud.

Speaking on behalf of the Neanderthal people, the original people of the Earth who have dwelled here over a million years, I just want to tell you that we consider all males who kill children for whatever reason to be damaged goods. Runts of the litter. The ugly puppies left in the basket when the good puppies have been taken. They are the botched and the bungled and they all must go on the long walk. No healthy male would ever kill a child. Any male who would rationalize such a decision for any reason is a genetic misfire. Such a man must never have a son of his own, he must be denied a mate and he must leave and go into the wilderness. What becomes of him is not our concern.

Men who harm children are damaged people and they should not be trusted. It doesn't matter how they bring it about, through chemicals or other stealthy means. Males who harm children are not fit to reproduce. If you allow them to breed you will end up with an animal that looks like Homo Sapiens in the end.

More on the success of gun control in Australia. Country is turning into a shooting gallery in the urban areas. Crime spiraling out of control with no checks and balances, thugs armed to the teeth. Apparently law breakers don't care what laws you pass. I knew all this would happen when they rammed the new laws through in 1997.

Manboons are not a learning animal.


Koanic said...

This makes two Thals striking out without reason and killing children. Adam Lanza and James Holmes. Both young men, dead-ended, apparently psychologically disturbed, deep Thals, on medication, severe omegas, brilliant.

What I can't understand is both executed well-planned attacks against irrationally selected targets that included children.

We've had Thal killers before, but not like this. I can only surmise that something in the society, the food, and the drugs is worsening for Thals at that critical "launching point".

What do you think, Tex? How does a Thal plan something like this?

I would love to get at their hard drives.

Koanic said...

It must be the infinite pain of the omega, plus the soul deadening effects of drugs and industrial diet. The barrenness of such an existence, devoid of humanity even in oneself, must be overwhelming. They want to see the world burn.

Texas Arcane said...

In fairness to both people, they were prescribed medications that the research released under the FOIA demonstrates do not necessarily help and in many, many cases contribute to the development of severe mental illness. This is research by the drug companies themselves they were forced to release in court.

I can't help but see a pattern here that is all about gun control and confiscation. Both attacks are so over the top and aimed at children it is like they are designed to create a hysterical counter reaction. Both attacks hinge on the adoption by the U.N. of their small arms confiscation and control plans. One of them was the day following the signing of this bill.

I think with enough money you can fake any kind of false flag you want to.

I think people should find out about this kid's shrink. As with James Holmes, I think it would get more and more curious the more you knew about who this was and who his parents were.

KW Jackson said...

Clearly they weren't that crazy.
Crazy people aren't in contact with reality enough to do that.

There was rationale behind this and it is self-evident in its planning and execution. They're (again) learning that loose-ends create questions. Better to have a nice neat finish with the gunman popping himself (aka. the handler used the hush puppy).

Do you think the coroner, when given Lanza's body, will be thorough? Part of this planning is to shock the investigators so much they won't be thorough. Nothing upsets a partially healthy adult like seeing a murdered child of their own ethnicity. It has an instinctual message, "You failed as an adult because this child is dead."

I think there's new management in the Black Ops/Psy-war team and they've got a good dose of Melon' genes.

hitfan said...

I'll always be a proponent for the right to defend yourself. The problem is that, weapons tend to proliferate into the hands of criminals and psychopaths, regardless of the law as it pertains to their private ownership. So I think it is very fair and reasonable that people be allowed to have firearms. A police force doesn't really prevent crime, they are reactive at best.

The intent of the Second Amendment was to mimic Switzerland's concept of an armed citizenry -- which comes with both rights and responsibilities. The problem is that this only really seems to work with a small white European nation. The United States already had a growing African slave population, and so it was doomed at the outset.

Ave said...

I don't have a TV, but my pupils all told me about TV news yesterday airing a lenghty report about survivalists, and linking survivalism to this slaughter.

It's not *only* about guns, it is about attacking the only true opposition to the economic and technologic enslavement.

Chris from Sydney said...

Given the number of driveby shootings indicate a ready availability of semi-automatic weapons in Australia, I was wondering why we hadn't had a similar mass shooting for a while.

Maybe this is the reason
"Dr Fuller says a significant factor behind this is denial where teenagers struggle to come to terms with their diagnosis, and subsequently refuse to take their medication.

"A number of young people I've worked with over the years have outright refused to take medication," he said.

The study also explored broader issues relating to mental illness in teenagers, finding just 25 per cent of teens with any disorder got treatment from mental health specialists"
I think the 'meds' have a lot to do with it.

Smashthezog Deathto-nwo said...

"Men who harm children are damaged people and should not be trusted. It doesn't matter how they bring it about..."

Including the [Kosher] amputation of a densely-innervated portion of a baby boy's genitals, right, Tex?

Garry Joe said...

"The problem is that this only really seems to work with a small white European nation. The United States already had a growing African slave population, and so it was doomed at the outset."

The USA didn't have problems with mass killings, until their doctors started drugging millions of people and the liberals declared their anti-self defense zones.

Back in the 1970s, concealed carry for self defense was commonsense in many states, and if anyone got started on shooting sprees, they would be stopped pretty quickly by the civilians they were targeting. You never hear of mass killings at gun shows for that reason.

As for banning guns, they are banned in Mexico and the gun violence is awful down there, just like it is in all third world countries.

So you guys are going to have to get used to the violence. It is going to keep increasing, until we man up and take our countries back, from the anti-whites and restore them to their pre 1965 condition.

White countries have had guns for 200 years, and never had problems with civilian use, until the elites began their program of White Genocide.

And BTW, I understand Texas is now requiring its teachers have guns, as they have a duty of care to protect their students. The liberals will hate that, as it is common sense.

Garry Joe said...

This is what our countries looked like, before the White Genocide program was started.

Life In Ontario 1947 - City of Ontario, California

All those happy, well adjusted White people, living in a safe clean environment, just looks awful doesn't it?