Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Downwardly Mobile"

I can't believe the kinds of Orwellian phrases the media masters come up with sometimes.

The Kwanstain has been openly looted, stripped down to bedrock and the crimes enforced by government protection and Kwanzanians are still easily led to believe this is about economics.

It isn't. It's about organized crime taking over the reins of government once and for all. The results speak for themselves.


nortn said...

Hi Tex, I am an Aussie guy in my mid twenties with no future. I was thinking of trying to get into programming/web design, but after reading that article I am skeptical that it has much of a future?

What is the best thing a young man could do now to get a decent, in your opinion, with the elites determined to wreck our country? I am thinking some sort of trade?

Texas Arcane said...

Tradespeople in solid professions seem to do well in any conditions. Carpenters and plumbers never seem to go broke, ever.

I privately believe that programming is a dead-end career unless you go indie or contract the way I do. There are so many fakes pouring into the IT industry they outnumber competent people 10-to-1 everywhere you look.

Garry Joe said...

Agree with Tex on that.

Any job that cannot be done by any but a skilled person, in person, is one our elites, can't outsource yet.

I would also be learning practical politics if I were you, as you will acquire skills, that will help you in life and business.

Start working on building ingroup ethnic networks now, so you can get work from those that are loyal to you and keep competing groups, out of your business territories.

It is unfortunate it has come to this, but whites just aren't going to survive, until we relearn these skills.

The government isn't there to help us any longer and has been hostile to us for a long time. We should be viewing our governments as hostile to our liberty, prosperity and happiness, because the fact is, they are.

Bob said...

nortn, I am a tradesman who works in the metals industry. im being flown to WA soon for a few months and will be grossing $4500 per WEEK. all flights, food, accommodation paid for. Ive always earned reasonable money without even trying but the work is shit, conditions shit, time away from get it, shit, but the work and money is there if you want it. its not something i intend to do for much longer, im seriously considering a career change very soon but like yourself im at a lose at what to do with myself especially as im now in my late 30's. where can i get a degree in bullshitting as thats about the one qualification that can get you a job on easy street. Im tired of DOING while seeing those who DONT, do quite OK.