Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dead Sun For A Dying World

Like Vault-Co said 12 years ago. This will be the last Solar Max and it will signal the end of the Holocene.

This site was right. About many, many things. I'm not a prophet. It's just that in comparison to everybody else, I end up looking like one.

Now all the grasshoppers get to see the conditions that the ant genome was forged in. A little tougher than what you may be used to, Sapiens. Your lackluster, haphazard train wreck genetic code simply won't do in these kinds of environments. You have to possess a certain internal biological purity or you will never stand a chance. There's no room for all that crazy listless bipolar confusion that you call a brain. A nervous system like that will get you killed during a new Ice Age. Sorry, sucks to be you.

Every Neanderthal upon awakening in the morning should thank the Lord for not making him a Homo Sapiens. They're like a clock that is broken in shipping and damaged goods upon receipt. Other than fighting, rapine, pillage and rioting they are not much good for anything outside of killing Neanderthals.

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