Wednesday, December 12, 2012

California Got Maximum Improvamentation

It got enriched and diversified. That's why it smells the way it does.

I knew when I moved out of that toilet to Australia twenty years ago that it was going to end up just like that.

God preserve us all from improvamenters and enrichers.

The worst thing about Californians is that they are permitted to leave the hell on earth that they constructed. They need an earthquake like the one in ESCAPE FROM LA to cordon it off from the rest of the country. The scumbags there should live in the filth they created and not be allowed to exit. The problem with people migrating out is the luggage packed into their shoes, not their suitcases.

I can't tell you how many of these brain damaged leftists I listened to when I was there telling me about the coming utopia they were building. Everybody was going to be eating that rainbow stew in twenty years, they assured me. Look at 'em now.


Garry Joe said...

In the USA they never used to let just anyone vote, unless they had a certain amount of property.

The land owners decided policy in each state and if people didn't like the way things were run, they moved to another state that better suited them.

I am starting to think this was a far better system, than allowing retarded left wingers and their non-White hordes to vote at all.

If left wingers personal finances are as big a disaster, as what they are when they gain control of a country's finances and borders, they would never be wealthy enough to have the right to vote and ruin former dream states like California.

So what do think? No land, no vote? If you don't like the way a state is run, you vote with your feet - All the way out of the state.

Rowan said...

Don't want to sleep tonight Tex?

hitfan said...

The last episode of the Simpsons was about a bunch of left coast hipsters who moved to Springfield because of it's quaint and retrograde nature. They thought Moe's Tavern was a trendy hangout.

The hipster diaspora who moved to the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere won't admit it openly, but they are running away from the cultural enrichment they voted for.

njartist said...

Californian need to be treated the same way they treated the "Oakies."

Bob said...

I flew into LAX 14 years ago, it was my first time in the USA. Disembarking from the plane and on my way to Immigration/passport control, every corner I turned in that airport there was either a huge picture of Bill Clinton hanging on a wall or a 10 ft flag of the stars and stripes hanging from the ceiling . Id never seen so much patriotic nationalism anywhere.
There were hordes of ethnics running around in groups of 10+ gaggling like geese, bombarding airport staff, barking a thousand questions, every one louder than the other. very few people i saw had the ability to be able to queue for anything, if it wasnt for the limited space at Immigration/passport control they would have been four abreast. I was given a two(?) week 'permission to stay' stamp on my passport. After witnessing so much chaos I thought Id spend a few hours just riding around in a taxi looking at the sights. I walked towards the exit to get a taxi but when those sliding exit doors opened my chin nearly hit the ground at what I saw. Apes hanging out of pimped out old bangers, hordes of ethnics fighting their way onto various types of transport, the place was infested, it looked like the set from Blazing Saddles. I turned around, walked inside and didnt move from my lounge chair for next five hours until I was called to my flight. On the departing flight to NZ I could feel a sense of calm from my fellow passengers and I thought to myself 'never again'.

HalibetLector said...

I doubt you have to worry about the leftists leaving. In fact, the entire west coast of North America seems to act like a magnet for these people (Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, California). I wonder if it's the temperate weather. Maybe liberals don't like the cold?

What does everybody think of Texas? Lax gun laws and no state income tax. After spending a lifetime picking on texas, I'm considering a change in tune.

@hitfan I do feel sorry for Portland. It sounded like a perfectly nice city before the hipsters descended on it.