Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Attack of the Amygdala-Damaged

Funny to watch these fruits picking fights with gun advocates. Better hope your opponent isn't carrying. Damage to the amygdala prevents people from seeing hazards and consequences of their own actions.


Vidad said...

Silly faggy losers. You're right about the slave mentality of the average human being. They long for the warm arms of a police state around them.

Russell said...

The whole time watching that I kept thinking: "Target rich environment."

Russell said...

The whole time I was watching the video I kept thinking: "Target rich environment."

Garry Joe said...

If the video maker understood practical politics at all, he would call it an anti-self defense rally, rather than what the left wants you to call it, which is anti-gun or anti-assault weapons.

The majority of the right aren't capable of comprehending practical politics, even when it is explained to them in plain words. That is why they always lose to the left eventually and we get "Progress".

In politics, precisely targeted words are critical.

Aurini said...

Vile little cowards. You can see the amygdala damage clearly on their pasty faces, and soulless eyes.

"I'm a citizen." Good for you. I breathe oxygen - reward me please?