Wednesday, December 26, 2012

As H.G. Wells Said ... In Plain Sight

Agenda 21 being implemented in all the Western nations without a vote or representation permitted or any alternative offered.

No votes except by local bureaucrats, many of them not elected but rather unopposed at elections because ordinary people are too busy working at jobs to spend much time concerned with local politics.

These constitute international treaties made without approval of Congress and as such they are high treason. No treaty can be signed except with the express approval of elected representatives in Congress in writing.

The reason they do these things in plain sight is that they know that modern people are slack-jawed, dribbling halfwits who do not even possess the means intellectually to pose any opposition. They are right. The mass media tells everybody they are all geniuses and we're all brilliant because it keeps the barnyard animals placid while the ramps for the slaughterhouse are assembled.

This guy is not the most literate in the world but his writing is powerful because it is the truth.

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