Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Action T4" Back On The Table For The West

"Action T4" applied to anybody the Nazis didn't like. If Hans Asperger had not intervened to save them this would have included thousands of sullen, alienated, withdrawn, reserved, high IQ Neanderthal children the Nazis had decided did not represent their Aryan ideal. They probably would have given the first injection to Wernher Von Braun and the second one to Konrad Zuse. Hans Asperger changed all that by informing the Nazis that all these "depressive" children they were grumbling about were the only ones who were going to be able to build "secret weapons" for Der Fuhrer.

Most leftists don't understand why the right fights euthanasia so hard.

This is why. Euthanasia has nothing to do with relieving the suffering of the ill. It's about the State acquiring the right to kill people arbitrarily because they don't like something about them without fear of any challenge from anyone in the judicial system.

Unbelievably, Belgium is introducing right-to-die for minors in addition to the usual straw men suffering from dementia. Not old enough to drink but old enough to exterminate, I suppose.

This is all getting too crazy. You couldn't make up a story like this. Nobody would believe it. I imagine myself trying to explain to people in 1975 what the West would be like in 2012 and most of them would not believe it could tumble that far that fast. If you blinked you would have missed it.

France taking the first steps to institutionalize it as an assembly line the way the Nazis did.

Every single time this has become legally condoned it has immediately led to 95% of cases applied for motivated by a desire to bump off old people and take their money. Nasty-good-for-nothing kids promise a cut of the inheritance to the doctor if he signs off and before you know it they are killing them left, right and center.

Mankind is crooked timber from which no straight thing can be made.

Euthanasia has been silently accepted for the past fifty years in most hospitals. They feed the patient higher and higher doses of painkiller until they simply drift away. They pump the ill full of morphine and the doctor writes "Do not resuscitate" on their chart when they are ready for it to finish. You give so much as one inch on this beyond this point and they'll just be capping old folks in the head for target practice in ten years and melting their bodies down for cattle feed. It is worse than a slippery slope. It's greased rails to hell.


Lugh said...

Very dangerous of course. It's "comprehensive reform" after all. But about the terminally ill in terrible pain or unconscious: is it really necessary to keep the soul attached to a body that would already be dead without high tech medicine? Who is to decide? Not the State but the next of kin with the advice of the physician.

styrac said...

First it will be applied to kids making the wrong questions at schools where they receive their "education".

See what happens when you home school your kids? They'll never get an "education" like this one:

"It appears also towards the end of the video, that the class was being monitored by the principal’s office, who then summoned the student in question to the office. Orwellian – in the extreme."

styrac said...

Good to know the building still serves some purpose:

for applications contact:

booking your place early is recommended.

Michelle said...

Melon head sighting!

Chunkations said...

Do you think Aryan=Melonhead?

They mostly have blue eyes blonde hair, consider themselves to be the master race, set up the caste system in India...

iese_83 said...

Happy End of the world, to yall here / there too !!!. Happy "It´z" !!. See you on the other side. It´s been fun, sometimes.