Monday, December 10, 2012

10 Days To The End of the Mayan Calendar

It's the end of the Holocene in ten days and the last summer bloom that our generation will ever know. The long winter is approaching.

This is what the end of the Mayan Calendar represented. The ancient worldwide seafaring culture that taught the Mayans that calendar had figured out that the Holocene lasts 12,000 years and plotted the end of it so that future generations would know when the long summer would end.

The time of the grasshoppers is coming to an end. They had a good run of it and it was all a bit of a show about nothing. The time of the ants is returning, as it always has.

Our planet's natural state is much, much colder than this. The grasshopper thinks the sun will last forever but it must recede and go dormant again for long, long periods. The ant returns during this time to reclaim the earth, which he never really vacated.

The grasshoppers are Homo Sapiens. They jump around, mate, fight and die for a brief season but they must always be replaced by their sober, conservative, hardy and reverent cousins represented in the Neanderthal genome.

All of the paleoclimatological cycles  are determined by magnetic cycles in the Sun that are reflected in the Earth which it shares a magnetic field with. Nobody knows what other changes accompany the ends of these cycles, at least nobody knows for certain. Not even Texas Arcane knows for sure what happens at this end. I have a hunch it won't be boring.


KW Jackson said...

[start odd rambling]
I was thinking about this inevitable change and the various surges in control. It strikes me that carbon-credits, and the rise of police-state, are inextricably linked to the cycles. Much as Tex has intimated over the decades.

Those with melon/boskop genetic expression are a kind of "hanging on by their fingertips" expression of humanity. They survive by clever plans and manipulations but actually do little. Connect australopithecus, boskops, then the rise of saps. They are pandora messing with things the believe they control. The 'thal is the simple-professor. The honor-bound rube who can't help but project his own sense of justice on those around him, until it's often too late.

Now comes the time that the holocene ends. The planet is warming to trigger the decent back to ice. That CO2 is a damned fine refrigerant. The more they lie about it while they pump more into the atmosphere shows they want it there, because they fear the return of Winter. They have always been central-planners and often very good ones but ultimately the means of production cannot be centrally owned - it must be distributed. The long cycles of climate mandate this and it is why freedom works the best.
[end odd rambling]

Bob said...

either way the earth is doomed. If the sun keeps shining the grasshoppers are going to turn this planet into an uninhabitable dust bowel through their reckless breeding and devouring.

I hope for the planets sake you are right Tex, the earth deserves better than the manboons that are on it.

iese_83 said...

It´s a blessing in disguise. See yall on the other side : ).

Texas Arcane said...

I feel this has happened countless times before.

Look at the face of a human in the snow and the face of a human on the beach. Two different outlooks and where they don't have the right outlook, they will die depending on how cold it gets.

Cold makes you sober, smart and conservative or else it makes you dead. Whatever good genes we have we get from Neanderthal and they will come to the fore again as the climate goes back to it's natural state.

Paleos now conclude the Neanderthal existed on the planet as a true human for over a million years. Compare with the brief flowering of the Sapiens-Neanderthal hybrid for a few tens of thousands of years. All of Saps existence is like a single flap of a moth's wings compared to Neanderthal.