Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trying to Recover From Globowarmthinkery

You now have the spectacle of scientists trying to blame the planet's obvious cooling on global warming, even knowing full well of the spectacular changes on the surface of the Sun.

What we are seeing here is the conversion of science to pseudo-religious faith-based doctrines that require the suspension of disbelief to even listen to with a straight face. 

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styrac said...

"In terms of propaganda, this carbon-credit regime is being sold as a solution to global warming and peak oil. The propaganda campaign has been very successful, and the whole environmental movement has been captured by it. In Copenhagen, demonstrators confronted the police, carrying signs in support of carbon taxes and carbon credits. But in fact the carbon regime has nothing to do with climate or with sustainability. It is all about micromanaging every aspect of our lives, as well as every aspect of the economy."