Thursday, November 8, 2012

Third World Country, First World Expectations

Marxists always win in these situations which means the entire planet and mankind lose.

The 'Stain will be just another sordid little backwater with broken sewer mains and weeks at a time with no food in the stores. The man on the street will tell you he gets a free education and a tuition stipend to study ... not realizing that all that means nothing since there will be no job for him when he leaves the rotten, whiteboard shack called a free government school.

Sapiens is not a learning animal. Sapiens. Sapiens never changes.

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iese_83 said...

Almost where ever you look nowdays, the scenes are like those in "I am legend" or "V-for Vendetta" and that sort of stuff, Apocalyptic or Post-it. In the Kwa now, Joo York looks pretty desolate, savaged, people lining to get gas at a gas-station, like indeed in a 3rd world country. Greece is burning as usual.. "shit is gettin reel". Not much work either, interesting times.