Monday, November 5, 2012

The State Wants Timid Metrosexuals Who Obey

The best citizen is one raised without any males in the household. Men might complain about the government or even heaven forbid act in opposition to them but women and properly effeminized boys can be counted on to sit down, shut up and do as they are told. The States needs humans to pay tax revenues and attend their day jobs. No other moving parts or instincts need apply. It is really a war of discrimination against warm-blooded mammals. They have done well. The majority of males today do not resist their own destruction in any way. They are as tame as cattle. A bit of bucking at the end as they go up the slaughterhouse ramp but otherwise quite placid until their final hour.

It is obvious why Orwell's ANIMAL FARM and 1984 were removed from the required reading lists.

Clinton admits the U.S. Military is an open joke that gets sniggers wherever they sashay around the globe.

Russia knows where all this crap is funded at and they aren't having any of it. They know perfectly well that itz coming big-time. They see what has happened in the West and they know if they give an inch on their children, their children will get nine inches. All those alarmists had the same problem - they underestimated just how crazy all this gets. It gets much crazier than this.

You gotta admit it is pretty hilarious that Russia spent billions trying to subvert the United States from the inside with similar agitprop and culture war through their quislings here ... and then once it succeeded, the usual suspects now pour tons of money into paying subversives in Russia to do the same. The irony.

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