Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Raw Brilliance Of Melonheads

Read this and you'll know why the good man will never change anything.

Good men have to make basic assumptions about people that simply aren't true in order to intervene. The better they are, the more helpless they'll be.

Men have no better angels and they are domesticated animals by nature.

The Amud will never stop the Melonhead from taking back his slaves. Never. They were made to serve and any era in which they do not serve is a temporary aberration soon to be remedied by them. 

The Amud are one species of biped on this planet who achieved a better way of existing but it was not something that could be spread to others who are too different in character from his race.

It's like trying to put your foot down to prevent a man from retrieving his goats. They are his property, are you sure it is the right thing to do to try to stop him from taking back what belongs to him? They want to go into the paddock. It is in their nature. If you tried to stop him from reclaiming his property ... the next thing you feel is goats butting you from behind. They want you to get out of the way. They are dumb brutes who cannot imagine the world the way you do. They want their water and their fresh straw. Their master will give these things to them.


styrac said...

Gotta love the way he puts it by saying that the term 'New World Order' is too weak and vague to describe what is happening and a more suitable one should be 'a quantum leap in the domestication of the human species'.

Ave said...

This author is spot on on a very large number of topics. There are things I've been saying for years (carbon trading as the new Ration Booklet), and things I've already heard before (herders as rulers).

I'd say this is the real deal.

Ave said...

Beginning chapter 4, where it begins to drift towards what readers of the book want to read, thing like localised solutions.

Maybe he speaks about that later on, but local solutions have to be secret. Akin to what survivalism aims to achieve, but less naive.

Anything that works will be copped upon and sold/rented to powerful people, no matter how small it is.

Your own children will betray your ideals because they need the money, or because it is so "last century" and Uncle Survivalist was a bit of a strange guy.

From my experience, a strict "no TV" stance has the exact opposite effect. You can't prevent children from living with their time. You can't protect, but you can try to innoculate.

iese_83 said...

Wow, what a link !!. That was f000cking looooooooonggg, but soooo worth it. Actually quite, enlighting :) and one of the best texts i´v read in a while, ty. Just That makes so much sense, it aint even funny, and all that you said is sadly very true. It really seems to be so. Fresh water and straws!!. What more do / can you need?. Nowadays it´s probably, Hamburgers and Coca Cola. Oh boy.

Garry Joe said...

I remember as a child, watching Bob Geldof and his Feed the World campaign for Africa, way back in the 1980s. The reason he created the campaign was because as usual, blacks were starving to death on the richest continent on the planet.

Since then, due to our "help", the black population in Africa has doubled - there are more blacks than Chinese and the black population in Africa, is set to double again in only 20 years.

With our technology, that continent has changed from a sparsely populated Garden of Eden, to an over populated hell on Earth.

This is yet another example of why Gene Rodenberry's Prime Directive is so important.

Do not interfere in the affairs of other races. When they are Ready for certain kinds of technology, they will be able to invent it and maintain it on their own. Until then, they aren't mature enough to handle it.

I think the same of white anti-whites as I do non-whites. They are just as destructive to white communities, as the non-white invaders that are destroying our cites.

White anti-whites must be ejected from all healthy white communities, so they can follow their own evolutionary path.

They just aren't evolved enough, to live around us. They have got to go.

FrankNorman said...

Greetings Tex

Regarding your metaphor of the Melonhead goat-herder, I think the real question resolves to:
How are the "Amud" to avoid being herded into the paddock along with the goats? Or trampled to death by them?

Seriously, what are our options? Hide somewhere and wait for the Rapture? Impersonate the Melonheads and recruit our own army of Uruk-hai to fight theirs? Try to come to some sort of live-and-let-live agreement?

Sitting in a hole in the ground waiting for some worldwide natural disaster to push the "reset button" doesn't seem a real solution. More like kicking the can down the road.

Matthew Richter said...

Gary Joe are you in australia?

If not I can see your point about white anti-whites. If however you are an ocker british reject then your logic is ass backward.

'healthy white communities'? pretty hard to find in australia. White australians are psychologically damaged. They would be funny if they were not such a tragic hapless group. australian healthy white communities have to resort to this kind of 'royal commission' when the problem can longer be covered up by an equally degenerate and complicit law system.

Texas Arcane said...

1. The melonheads are planning to cull the herd, as described in the article.

2. Don't get caught in that cull. The melonheads build vaults of their own for that very reason. Build-find yourself a vault so you have options.

3. After the cull, we'll have to think of something. I am convinced the cull will happen when you least expect it.

Koanic said...

The assumption was always that the melonheads were the rulers. In fact, they're not. Something else exists, to which the melonheads are simply the most delectable food this planet offers.

The great irony is that the revolution will start when the melons rebel against them.

Who would have thought that the melons needed liberation too?

oafus said...

Just like that thing Jesus Christ was talking about!

Chris from Sydney said...

Melissa George says something sensible !

Matthew Richter, in light of your comment 'White australians are psychologically damaged. They would be funny if they were not such a tragic hapless group.' I just have to ask, are you dating this girl ? :)

Garry Joe said...

Matthew Richter,

No white country is a healthy white community.

Countries are lines drawn on maps and all of our countries are governed by the Chambers of Commerce and their useful, white anti-white idiots.

If white community existed at the governmental level, you would never see a video of a big black buck, beating a white man's brains out in a Pizza Takeaway, while 6 white people look on.

Healthy white community is a subset in any white country and we want to secede from all the crap.

Garry Joe said...

Texas Arcane said...
"1. The melonheads are planning to cull the herd, as described in the article."

What you are describing is a hard kill, which you can protect yourself from in a bunker. However, you can't protect yourself that way from a soft kill.

If whites are their target, soft kill has been ongoing for a long time and up until this point in time, there has been no effective resistance.

Of course, if their soft kill methods fail, they will move to hard kill.

Matthew Richter said...

Gary Joe,

'Healthy white community is a subset in any white country and we want to secede from all the crap.'

I couldn't agree more. I'm living in my little home town at the moment where I done all of my schooling since 1979. Gin Gin, Qld, it is one example of a 'Healthy White Community' and the regional council has done a top notch job of modernizing what was once a dank little hi-way town with a popular Truck Stop.

A small loose nit population with no hardcore scumdogs, practically no crime worth mentioning. I don’t even lock up or even have windows in my ground floor dwelling. I can leave my pad unlocked and scoot off for a week come back and not one thing is missing. In 30 years that my Grand Parents have lived here not one instance of theft, burglary or otherwise. I seceded without even realizing it. There are some really clean white sectors left and some developing in SEQ, it is the place to be.


Some of my tirades are an ‘Ultra-Violent Outburst Prevention Measure’. Cause man when I go off it's a freaky sight. The cocksmoking rebels bikies though it would be a good idea to wind me up a few years back, big mistake, very big mistake.

I just read that article, it sounds to me like the girl has simply had enough of condescending germs crawling all over her and trying to stymie her destiny. The one thing Ockers excel at is destroying non-Ockers, It must be the Irish in them.

Most Aussies are like crabs in a bucket if one tries to crawl out and advance him or herself in anyway the rest of them drag him or her back into the bucket. I still have a handful of pigs to deal with yet. Very slow learners ye olde Ockers.

Texas Arcane said...

Matthew -

About 15 years ago I saw a news special on a very innovative guy out in the middle of nowhere in the Oz outback.

His neighbors were all screeching to the government for various forms of relief. Their existing businesses had dried up for a variety of reasons, things like shearing, growing a certain crop, etc.

When these businesses were no longer viable, they sat back and waited for the bank to collect their property. They were loathe to try anything else.

Meanwhile, this very clever Aussie was selling peat from the mudhole where his dam used to be, he was breeding freshwater mussels for sale at market and a couple dozen other strategies, all scattered around so almost one of them was bringing in money all the time.

This guy wasn't just getting by, he was doing really well off this scratch piece of land no better or worse than anybody else in those parts.

I never forgot the interviews with his surrounding neighbors. They all hated his guts, each and every one of them. He asked nothing of any of them, had no unusual advantage and yet he thrived in a situation that was starving them. They hated him a lot.

I always thought it painted most Aussies as a pathetic lot of socialist crybabies. It wasn't that they wanted what he had, they just didn't want him to do well when they were failing. There was something really bad about this envy they had and it struck me as a big part of urban, not rural character.

I got the impression that these were urban people who had only been able to make a go of it previously with government assistance. They were not like this bloke who obviously needed nothing at all from the world around him but to be left the hell alone to conduct his affairs as he saw fit.

I saw it as two kinds of animal species and one of them was a pretty sad breed.

Matthew Richter said...


You have been in Australia more than long enough to witness and marvel over the Aussie version of envy. I grew up in the Country and I was under the impression, as a kid, that this ‘crab in the bucket’ envy was reserved for the rural inhabitant who craved to be anywhere near a stop light, kinda like Agent Starling running all the way to FBI. Based on the two channels of television I grew up on the urbanites were where it was at. Altruistic, meek and ‘hey fantastic work mate, I wish mine was that good’, type of envy. There are most definitely two species of Aussie. One trying to undermine the other, while the other tries in vain to complement the others work.

The News Story you described Tex is absolutely spot on in every way. The ‘crabs in a bucket’ analogy can be layered straight over the top like a heat map on someone’s ecommerce website. Personally, I never really suffered from envy. I have always helped, encouraged or at very least wished the best for any crab that managed to escape the bucket. Envy is like alcohol, it is a dirty self indulgence where you start shedding dirty little tears right at the end of the drinking session and express your envy with childish catch phrases like, ‘it should have been me, it should have been me darn it..’.

I take the seven deadly sins onboard as various demons I must destroy. Much like the end of each episode in a video game until you hit the big one, the deadliest sin of all. That deadliest sin varies from crab to crab. For me personally I have yet to conquer Wrath. I have conquered the other six. One to go. I’ve even managed to eject obscure emotional concepts like dignity out of my psyche, of course I can switch them back on when required to act as a blast shield but yeah.. Aussies they can be a handful all right.