Sunday, November 18, 2012

The "God" That Failed

The State can't help anybody. The State helps itself. You're on your own in this world.

If the State is your "god," you'd better get yourself a new god.

The only faith that is crazier and more irrational than Christianity is all the other faiths, including the faith of the godless in the government.

Governments are incompetent by definition. The majority of all the people who work for the government do so because they are not competent to get jobs in the private sector. Incompetency is an important requirement for people who want government jobs.

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iese_83 said...

Like someone commented that "sheet"fiasko, it´s indeed very fitting, that there are turds surrounding the statue of "Liberty". It´s amazing, how that statue has lost all of it´s meaning and just does not represent, basically anything anymore. Well maybe, them Masons. I think "we the people" need a new, bigger and better statue and im wondering if this one will become something of a new Sphinx. "Whose face is that anyway?".