Monday, November 5, 2012

Solar Cycles, Volcanism and Magnetic Reversal

How come you are only hearing these things from some crank and his fringe blog in Australia? Where is the rest of the government financed scientific industry and their drone army of tenured academics? What good are all the universities on the planet if they cannot give you at least as much warning as some paranoid nut crouched in a bunker tapping out his mad rantings on some keyboard for his unpaid blog? Hey, this isn't even my job. I'm the last guy you should be hearing from, not the first.
Oh, you got a lotta 'splainin to do, Lucee.

Yes indeed. Volcanism is no joke. It's a planetwide game changer and anybody who thinks it is science fiction could get a taste of the science fact in the near future. Volcanism and extinction cycles are joined at the hip with magnetic reversals, solar maximum and minimums.

Homo Sapiens worried about "globowarmthinkery." This stuff would be funny if I was watching from orbit. It's the COLD you need to worry about, bears of little brain. The COLD. It's so simple, even Sapiens could figure it out. Al Gore is not going to be around to help you when you start to burn the drapes to keep warm. We are headed into a Maunder Minimum and all this gibberish about carbonaceous carbonites is going to be some old newspaper rotting in a seven story snowdrift still clutched in your frozen blue claw. Pull your head out, Saps.

Toba shut the planet down and killed nearly everything on it that didn't have a vault.

All the volcanos on the planet seem to be gearing up for another cycle of vigorous activity.

See that countdown timer in the right corner of this web site? When it hits zero, we are going to experience our last major solar max for at least 120 years. The Sun will be starting a hibernation period that will last at least a century by January of 2013. Then this planet and everybody on it will be going into sudden death cagematch Vault-Co overtime.

Still don't understand what we have been talking about for the last ten years? Don't worry, you will soon.

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