Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scienmajists Stand in the Way of Science

There was a slight margin of error between 13.7 billion years and 150+ billion years.

... otherwise, everything else they said was 100% scienmagistically true.

Always made me laugh how they used the "13.7" figure like they had the math so accurate they had figured it to the nearest tenth. Idiots. How can you tell when these morons are lying? Their lips move.

Hey, how much have you heard about this lately? Notice how you read about stuff on Vault-Co about ten years before you even hear a peep of it anywhere else?

Fred Hoyle was right. The universe is eternal. It has always been here. It always will be here.

"He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision." - KJV Psalm 2:4


Seatle Safari said...

You have to pick one: either say the universe is eternal, like Aristotle said, or quote the Bible, which says it was created.

For a detailed comparison of the two approaches, check out Maimonides' Guide to the Perplexed.

Texas Arcane said...

Assumption is that the Almighty God is bound by time, necessitating a beginning to his own reign. I don't think so. I think time is just another convenience extended to us.

Lugh said...

You seem to be equating God and the Universe, which is Pantheism. All true Theologians teach that God is outside but not separated from the Univese - and that it need not have been created since He gains nothing by it. Thus Panentheism - which is also the doctrine of the Mystics. The best Mystics don't deny the Personhood of Christ or his personal love for human beings - and thus the value of suplicatory prayer.

Garry Joe said...

Being a scimagist looks like a pretty good gig.

You make sh*t up, get it "peer reviewed" (ha! ha!) and you all get cushy jobs for life.

Seatle Safari said...

No, G-d exists outside of time and space, but the universe exists within them, and is not eternal.

Chunkations said...

You dont understand, its dark energy and dark matter doing it!

Texas Arcane said...


More fabricated theology applied over top of existing scripture.

I just stick with what is written there and I judge it based on what I believe it says, not what some other sect tells me I am to believe about it. When I started to read scripture this way it becomes obvious that 90% of theology is just made up gibberish constructed to further the author's vanity.

I am certain there is some local phenomenon involved in the appearances of the heavens and earth, as the Bible says. That's against a backdrop of eternity.