Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ron Paul : Vault-Co Was Right About The 'Stain

UPDATE : Tons of 'Stain companies throwing in the towel, getting out of business altogether except for skeleton crews sufficient to write checks to offshore business. Many of them have decided that if the country is going Marxist they are obligated to look out for themselves and are not interested in trying to run businesses anymore in a nation with the economic policies of Kenya.

Ron Paul has taken his rose-colored glasses off and faced facts. There aren't enough sane people left in the United States to elect even a quasi-sane candidate.

Thus go all empires into the wastebin of history, pecked to death by a thousand popinjays stealing seed for their little chicks.

Demographics is destiny. The 'Stain is a vegetable garden.

I don't run this blog to blow my own horn, believe it or not. I do have to say ... you notice how when the confidence in men is cut back to zero by a serious collision with reality and they are temporarily so depressed they can't muster any unrealistic euphoria ... they begin to sound remarkably similar to the way we talk at Vault-Co all the time over the past ten years.

What a miserable little dump of a country the 'Stain is.

My only real strength is a failure to buy into false hopes. It is tempered by a knowledge of human history which is full of stories of great nations that fell to false hopes and unrealistic ideals about mankind.

Where the Kwa is going, it won't be coming back from. Sorry but it was always true, I apologize for being one of the first people to say it.


ray said...

They came here by boat
and they came here by plane
they blistered their hands
and they burned out their brains

All dreaming a dream
that'll never come true
hey don't gimme no trouble
or I'll call up my double
we'll play piggy in the middle
with you

see? youre not alone, john prine figgered it out too, long time ago

Garry Joe said...

Can you imagine what it will be like, when Barrack grants 20 million Mexicans amnesty?

A r m a g e d d o n.

Soon after that, the Republicans will die and there will be nothing keeping the white people in check.

My only question is, are the Democrats that stupid? If they grant amnesty to that many Mexicans, surely it will spark a civil war.

Garry Joe said...

There are no coincidences in politics:

Garry Joe said...

Murdoch agrees:

Garry Joe said...

Imagine if this spread to every red state in the Union?

If the Republicans can't win any longer, they all just secede.

What could the Democrats and their 20 million illegal Mexicans do in that case?