Thursday, November 22, 2012

Obvious Cooling Phase Begins Within A Month

A Dalton Minimum, possibly a Maunder Minimum

I'm not going to say it is absolutely the end of the Holocene. It seems likely but I could be off by more than a hundred years. I am going to say, it is going to get really cold.

Nasa concurs back in 2010 along with a hundred other real, as opposed to "social" scientists

This month of December. See counter to the right. The next solar minimum is going to be surreal, with so few sunspots there will appear to be nothing but a smooth solar surface for another 12 years. During this time, it's going to get real down here. You have my word on it. 


It's going to get cold like nobody's business. By the time the next solar "max" rolls in around 2024, Britain is going to have a climate like Siberia and there are going to be a lot of dead people in the northern hemisphere. Chief amongst the dead will be the idiots who kept warning the population the planet was warming up, because these people were false witnesses who prevented others from taking proper precautions against the coming cold.

Your average person doesn't have much imagination. They aren't good as visualizing implications of things. I am and I am telling you, sh*t is going to get real down here in the coming decade. That's a fact. If you listened to the warnings on this blog you would have had nearly a decade to get ready. There is still time to try to prepare for all of this. ITZ COMING, you better believe it.


iese_83 said...

Cheezus Bunker-man, chillax. I believe u !!. Here it´Z going to be really, really cool if Britain is going to be Siberia. This will be the new Icepole then probably. So if i magically disappear from the comment section, it´z cos im frozen solid !!. I better buy, a carpet or two, i guess. TY for the ´heads up´.

FrankNorman said...

Just how much cooling are we talking about here? If something diverts the Gulf Stream the UK will get cold pretty fast.

But what about places like South Africa or Australia?