Saturday, November 17, 2012

Modern Science Is In Absolute Shambles

9 out of 10 people will not understand the implications of what they read here.

They admit to 200,000 years or more here.

I've seen a monograph from a university in the United States that proposes quietly that Neanderthals may have been regularly plying the oceans for very long ranges as far back as 800,000+ years, before the advent of "Snowball Earth," a climate change around 700,000 years ago it was previously believed that no humans could ever survive. So Neanderthals could have been making and sailing boats before mankind was even believed to have existed anywhere in the 1960's.

Mind you, these are Mousterians, unmistakably lacking in frontal lobes but no shortages in the occipital region. They would have only been social with their own kind and unlikely to cooporate at more than tribal level even with other Neanderthals. They were classic Neanderthals before the appearance of the Amud.

The first Amud are recognized at 120,000 years prior. They could have existed much earlier, this is the first valid discovery that I know of with my limited access to information that is jealously and secretively guarded by academics all over the planet.

The Amud had frontal lobes as large or larger than modern people. His features and bones are simultaneously incredibly thick (part of identifying him as a "Neanderthal") whilst exhibiting gracile qualities at the same time with narrower joints that taper, a strong sign of neoteny in humans. The Amud never had brains as big as melonheads or Boskop man but were much bigger than those of modern humans. He is not as hybridized as the Denisovians (of whom they have found much more remains than they admit to publicly) but seems to be another path taken by Neanderthals in their development in the form of a unique and one-of-a-kind species.

About those "drying poles" they are always inventorying at museums. A lot of people think they aren't "drying poles" used to smoke meats at all. Many people believe they are long spears intended to be used by men on horseback. Those would be exactly the kinds of distance weapons you would imagine Neanderthals would employ on the Dire Wolf to drive them out of Europe. You would also expect to find some in every cave lying around as they would be indispensable. Somebody says they spotted a wolf, somebody in the cave gets on a horse, rides it down (horses can easily corner wolves with good riders) and they'd spear him with little risk to themselves. So we'd fully expect to find one of these in most caves inhabited around this era. It's just that the academic who found it recorded it as a "drying pole, possibly for fish or jerky."


Amy Haines said...

Tex, I'm not a Biblical literalist or a creationist. I was raised Catholic and tend to take the Thomist view that allegory and metaphor are products of the mind imbued in us by God, and as such, God will often reveal mysteries to us in the form of allegory and metaphor, in order that our smaller minds might comprehend.

The evidence of advanced Neanderthal civilization has me thinking that some of the stories I took as metaphor are literal truths, obscured by time and perhaps nefarious purpose. The Neanderthal was wiped clean from this Earth by an evil purpose or as punishment for some sin, no? What am I missing? So much of this is new to me.

Thanks for this stuff. Interesting as anything I ever read in Uni.

iese_83 said...

This bring an interesting viewpoint to the Quetzalcoatl / Cucumatz (and all those guys) legend. The teachers of the ancient primitives, were said to have been; "white skinned, blue-eyed and red-haired". And that apparently is rather widespread legend too, not just south-Kwa. Quanches too, came to my mind.

Texas Arcane said...


I believe like you do that human brains, including my own, are too tiny to communicate directly with God. These "allegories" are cleverly crafted truths about things that really happened that even we men and women can understand.

I have offered the idea here many times that there were three kinds of man on the Earth and all of them are described in the Bible. I believe the later Neanderthals, the Amud, incurred the wrath of the ruling classes, the people I have called Melonheads. These are people like Nimrod in the Old Testament.

I believe that the Amud was genocided by Homo Sapiens at the behest of the Melonheads. I didn't come to this conclusion quickly, only as a result of many years of reading about the subject and studying world mythology and most importantly, cross-referencing it with other works.

As with all races of men, once they fall out of favor with God, their enemies can rise against them and they no longer seem to survive all circumstances. I think the Amud were an arrogant people near the end and I see much of Esau in the Bible that hints at this. They were excellent at many things and likely became indifferent to the Creator and more enamored of themselves as a people. There is mention of this in the Dead Sea Scrolls that is not in the Bible, speaking of Esau's obsession with his own tribe and his force of arms.

I believe the Tuatha De Danann in celtic mythology are the Amud and their horses, described as long lived and far stronger than modern horses, were taken by Cro-Magnon people as well as most domesticated animals that Homo Sapiens has taken credit for.

The reason this is all so relevant is that none of these races has really gone anywhere. They are all still here and pretty much act the way that all three have acted since forever. Not much has really changed and of course if this is true, it completely demolishes the idea of "evolution" from a completely different angle than most literalists ever attempt.

It may sound crazy, but right now I think the ruling classes, melonheads, are trying to rearrange civilization to return Homo Sapiens to his prior domestication when he had far less freedom and was permitted much less control over his life in most aspects.

Amy Haines said...

Thanks for the response, Tex. Now, everything I've read makes sense. I understand more of your posts in light of this explanation.

One paleo blogger I read once said "Pyramids are bad for you." Truer words never spoken. From Babel to the Egyptian tombs to the Mesopotamia altars of human sacrifice, to the modern-day grain heavy food pyramid that makes us all eat like cattle, it seems that everywhere the pyramid is, humans become slaves.

PrairieSage07 said...

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Texas Arcane said...

PrairieSage -

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