Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Melonhead Spiked In Britain By Slaves!!

These are some pretty awesome burial sites in Bulgaria.

The locals feared these aristocrats and when they died they believed they were only transitioning to an immortal state. In the Epic of Gilgamesh the "gods" were described as frequently killed and quick to recover even from fatal wounds because of their vampiric qualities. King Gilgamesh acquired his "half-god" status because his father was a "Lillu," a demon who nourished itself on the blood of slaves. Note these "clerics" practiced strange variations on Christianity on behalf of the aristocrats they served which were rumored to be mere fronts for ancient mystery religions involving human sacrifice. Like their masters, abnormally large heads. I am beginning to believe that Melonheads prefer other Melonheads to arrange for their immediate needs like Renfield in Dracula, not trusting their slaves to prepare their food or conduct their rituals for them.

It appears in a moment of weakness or when unguarded they were rushed and literally spiked into their own tombs, so great was the fear of these people they would rise again.

At Malta, which we have written about here, it appears that many sacrificial altars had grooves so as to gather the blood of the thousands of children sacrificed here so that it could be drunk by the priests. Some of the most vile of these altars were broken up by British troops during their occupation of Malta as being too hideous to leave intact. In addition, the British buried and blocked off at least 75% of the deeper tunnels - what were they afraid of? A British soldier wrote home to his family that many of the troops stationed there thought they heard a terrible singing coming from the lower levels and their leaders responded to these reports by ordering tons of rubble to be piled into entrances to block them off. They feared the troops would refuse to sleep here at night otherwise. I wish I was making this stuff up.

Not mentioned in the article - the guy in the first photo with the biggest skull was red haired, had an abnormally large palate and a brain mass of at least 1900cc or bigger!

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