Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lies, Damned Lies, Scienmajistics

Still scrambling to cover their traces. You can see the bead of sweat on their brow despite their nonchalance. Got'em running scared now.

There's a sort of panic right beneath the surface all the time now.

They claimed these horses were fanciful imaginative creatures the Neanderthals painted, then in the next breath they claimed the Neanderthals hunted these animals. Which was it? Eat a horse, paint a fantasy spotted horse, eat a horse. Paint a family of horses smiling, hunt-kill-eat a horse. Your story doesn't make any sense, my brother Jacob. Your stories make no sense.

Where are the hunting vignettes at Lascaux? Even one. Show me.

Scienmajists so desperate they called the hilarious "herder not paying attention to his prize heifer painting" to "the dying man" (gored by a bull he has turned his back to?). That's no spear in his hand. It's a staff. Why do you lie so, my brother Cain? Wait, will you reply, "Am I my brother's keeper?"

Where is your brother Abel, Cain? Have you seen him? Abel, the herder. Your brother.

This kind of reminds me of Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke. The Devil sends Mickey looking for somebody who owes him something. Mickey tells him, "This guy you are looking for was a real bastard. I mean, he was a real asshole." You don't say, The Devil remarks. You don't say.

"Mr. Cyphre, my initial investigations indicate that this guy you are looking for was not just a thief, rapist and a conman, he was also a cannibal. I think I have found a clear trail of evidence that points to this guy having overrun the Neanderthals after invading their territory with sheer numbers, then eating most of the men, followed by a huge gangrape of all of these women. Afterwards, they stole about 300,000 years of animal domestication which they then proceeded to claim was their own doing and pressed the children of their gangrapes into chattel slavery. Most of his so-called civilization was built primarily by these slave classes he treated not much better than dogs for at least 10,000 years afterwards. Oh and he calls the dog his 'best friend' when it is clear the dog was Neanderthal's best friend, they just stole this animal along with all the other stuff they took out of his camps, including his horses and cattle."

"This is fascinating stuff, Harry. You must keep up your investigation, I have full confidence in your abilities. I am sure you will have your man in no time at the rate you are making progress. I can see you understand already what kind of a low, wretched creature it is I am employing you to find for me. Truly the scum of the earth."

You keep trying to unravel this puzzle, Homo Sapiens. You are a lot closer to the truth than you realize. Just think of me as Robert DeNiro peeling eggs and waiting for you to reach the right conclusions. You are going to get to the bottom of this story sooner than you think. I'm a firm believer at this point in my life that the only possible hope that mankind can have is to learn the truth about who and what they are. It will create permanent humility in them. The arrogance will vanish forever and they will start to understand what they are looking at in the mirror. It is not pleasant.

The Neanderthal was not perfect. He also was not the better man because he was the victim. He was the better man. All these men are filthy rags before God and the better man is the worst if he believes he does not require the same solution to his fallen state that all others do. A great crime was committed against him and as long as it goes unrecognized, men will glory in achievements that are not theirs and wonders they did not create.

It was the Neanderthal who ran the Dire Wolf off his continent riding bareback on his domesticated horses, with his dogs at his side. The reason these animals crossed the Bering Strait at this time to escape Europe is that the Neanderthal was doing what he did best - which was kicking ass.

The Bible is the greatest book of anthropology ever written.


Lugh said...

So how did the primitive Cro Magnons and Homo Sapiens defeat the technologically and physically superior Neanderthal? They must have had alot of "air support" from the Melonheads. Perhaps they or their servants went in ahead of the shock troops and did things like posioning the waters or spreading disease.

Texas Arcane said...

With sufficient numbers, one can win any battle. Even the modest estimates put it at one Neanderthal to every 1000 Sapiens. The Neanderthal could not throw a projectile with the uncanny prowess of Homo Sapiens and more importantly he could not throw a thousand at a time into the air back at his opponents. In every other regard, the original ancestor of Sapiens was an utterly empty creature bereft of any soul or craft in anything other than spear chucking.

Jack Black said...

It's also unlikely that Neanderthal could forged into large enough armies to resist effectively. People who cling to small groups so strongly would likely have a hard time working effectively in large groups.

Garry Joe said...

Garry Joe said...

Lugh said...

"So how did the primitive Cro Magnons and Homo Sapiens defeat the technologically and physically superior Neanderthal? "

Another possibility...

The Neanderthals may have had a small number of genetic aberrations, within their ranks - Mentally ill, mentally retarded, Neanderthal anti-Neanderthals, that only felt good about themselves, when they worked against their own kind.

Yes, I know it sounds utterly ridiculous, but bear with me.

These Neanderthal anti-Neanderthals, encouraged unending tens of thousands of Cro Magnons and Homo Sapiens to enter all Neanderthal territories and take them over, without asking the permission of the Neanderthal majority.

If any Neanderthal wanted to discuss the stupidity of this behavior, the Neanderthal anti-Neanderthals shouted a Melonhead command word, designed to terrorize all Neanderthals into silence.


Fast forward to the present day - Whites rule the top half of the planet. We are so technologically advanced and superior militarily, we could destroy all of civilization with the push of a button.

And yet...

None of our countries are our own, due to massive immigration and forced integration, with the third world.

This policy is imposed only on white countries, without discussion or permission, by a hostile elite (Melonheads?) and is enforced on the ground, by white anti-whites.

If anyone questions this policy, white anti-white terrorists, shout the command words - racist! supremacist! hater! naziwantstokillsixmillionjews!


An animal in the wild, that loses its territory to its competitors, cannot find food, cannot attract mates and becomes easy prey.

An animal that loses its territory, is going extinct.


Anti-racist is a code word for anti-Neanderthal.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Texas Arcane said...

I think it is entirely the "r" Cro-Magnons who will betray their own and surrender territory to placate the "other." The Neanderthal was an awesomely territorial creature and would never surrender an inch of his existing land to invaders willingly.

It is the Cro-Mags who are insane enough to hate themselves, betray their own and encourage the displacement of their own majority. They are crazy and were never well. This sort of behaviour is not seen in healthy animals. No functioning, field-tested and debugged biped would behave the way they do.

Garry Joe said...

The thing I've noticed, this behavior is only evident among white people.

I have spoken to many non-whites that demand to be let into white countries, and they all fall silent when asked, to advocate exactly the same massive immigration and forced integration for their own countries - because deep down, they know it is a bad thing.

So we have to account for why so many white people, love to attack their own kind and why non-whites as a rule, do not attack their own. There must be a heritage only white people have, that non-whites do not have, that explains this behavior.

I also remember you thought Rachel McAdams was Neanderthal.

See here:


In 2006, McAdams took part in the "Day Without Immigrants" demonstration in Los Angeles, protesting against the federal government’s attempts to further criminalize undocumented aliens living in the United States.[173] In 2011, she attended the Occupy Toronto demonstration.[170]

Flip a gene here and there and you can get radical divergences from the the norm. It doesn't take much at all.

Texas Arcane said...

There's definitely something wrong with Rachel Adams but it might be more the fact she is female, not her 'Thal genes.

Intelligent women have compassion to begin with, but oxytocin suppresses the operation of the amygdala. This is the part of our brain that tells us what we are doing is very dangerous to us, go back, stop, leave it alone.

I am sure you know that the more intelligent a woman is the likelier she is to be capable of completely confusing herself about what is actually in her best interests. It is a problem with many men and almost all women.

Women think they can prevent conflict by ceding anything to newcomers because they cannot understand that it will lead to their own personal extermination. Their brains don't work so good this way. They are great if they are kept inside the hearth, inside the walls of the village. A woman outside the village getting involved in military strategy and decision making is nearly suicidal.

Texas Arcane said...

Jack Black -

This is the gist of the problem.

Neanderthals could not combine themselves in huge regimented armies under a single leader with the rest like zombies following his orders. Individually they were the greatest warriors the world has ever known but they would not have been much good at organizing formal militaries. To this this correctly requires a huge mass of humans who are lower, not higher, in quality. You need people who will obey a guy standing on a rock yelling out commands. The average Neanderthal was his own man and however good they may have been at cooporating together these groups would have never been these colossal mobs you could not see the end of because of the curvature of the earth, all of them in ranks with spears ready. The 'Thal was facing the human equivalent of amazon ants.

Garry Joe said...

Thought you guys might be interested in this book, to see how the other side thinks. It looks to me like it might be a compilation of Melonhead behavior, as it is completely amoral.

Apparently it was a best seller in America, among the corporate elites and gangsta thugs.

Summary here:

iese_83 said...

Hello, it´s me Pohjoisen Natiivi under yet a new alias. Bloody Google destroyed my blog and Tube account, atleast they dissappeared at the same time... .At times like this, i wish i was one of them computer wizards, like u apparently. I would know how to protect my ass online better. Anyway, thats a pretty stout horsie, on the right (the first pic) in the link. I have to ask u, "Artemis"man ; those stones, with pics of Dinosaurs on them and some local southMerican yahoos riding them, what do you make of them ?!.

Garry Joe said...

Texas Arcane said...
"There's definitely something wrong with Rachel Adams but it might be more the fact she is female, not her 'Thal genes."

The male and female anti-whites, I've encountered behaved in the same way.

Texas Arcane said...
"Intelligent women have compassion to begin with"

Some anti-whites (male or female), believe they are saving the world.

Others do it out of spite and will use every trick to achieve it.

Another kind of anti-white, follow their peers in everything. It doesn't occur to them to think differently, because they are incapable of independent thought.

In the end, it doesn't matter what their motivation, because the result of what they are doing is the same. No whites anywhere.

IMO, the definition of "intelligence" should be redefined, as I've lost all respect for "intellectuals" on both the left and right, since reading Bob Whitaker.

Guys like Bob can really Think. He can see the invisible boxes that confine our thinking. He creates methods to reveal these boxes to "normals", so we can tear them down.

His methods need to be understood and taught widely, as a matter of urgency. The continuance of civilization depends on them.

As for so called "intellectuals", they have difficulty thinking outside of boxes, even when you point the boxes out.

"Intellectuals" are the ones that built the boxes and they resist them being torn down. "Intellectuals" are very slow learners, when it comes to boxes.


As for white behaviors...

Have you noticed it is only whites doing crazy, idealistic things?

First to go into space, first to cross oceans solo, inventing aircraft, then inventing parachutes to jump out them, trying break the sound barrier falling out of an aircraft, killing themselves to reach the North and South Poles, they are still killing themselves trying to climb Mt Everest, etc, etc...

Non-whites just don't do these things as a rule, even when they have the money to do them, like the Arabs, Jews and Asians for instance.

Other crazy things only whites seem to do, is put themselves in extreme danger for their ideals.

Remember those whites that lived in the wild, with the bears for years, until they were torn apart, by their bear friends?

Have you seen animals running around confused, in peak hour traffic? It is always a white guy or white woman, that risks their life to rescue it.

And do we see anything other than a white majority in Green Peace?

This idealism and zeal to sacrifice everything to achieve a chosen goal, seems to be an exclusively whites only affair, from what I have seen.


So if Neanderthals are the ancestor that makes white people unique, then the above behaviors are what pulled them out of the mud - drove them to explore and create.

These behaviors were also their greatest weakness - they drew on cave walls, when they didn't know where their next meal was coming from. This idealism could be easily exploited by outsiders.

Their greatest strength, was their greatest weakness. Ironic.

Texas Arcane said...

Garry Joe -

I think you are very close to understanding things the same way I do.

The weakness of the Neanderthals was often stubborn adherence to ideals no matter the circumstances.

Eric Trinkhaus misunderstood what he was seeing with Neanderthals amidst famine and piles of their ancestral bones stacked nearby. They didn't eat their parents, they were trying to practice secondary burial traditions when they should have been using their energy to gather food.

You get the impression of a creature who lives inside his own mind in a kind of enhanced reality all the time in which his dreams and inner dialogue determine his focus, often in spite of the demands of the outside world.

As you mentioned, other races don't try to climb Mount Everest. It is the Neanderthal who becomes obsessed with this image in his head of standing atop it.

They were funny people and full of wild wonderful madness, like you might expect of the Supreme Being himself who created everything. They were not always pragmatic like the other races. Sometimes they threw all caution to the wind to pursue a single dream that originated inside of them.

We have a way into the future in which we can begin to understand we are inherently different from every other race of men that has ever existed. This new way will not come from looking to Cro-Magnon ancestry. These people were basically Africans with better spears.

What gives us that special and unique spark we get from the Neanderthal and nobody else. It is from this race that all the magic that we sometimes seem to possess emanates from.

When we learn the truth about ourselves and throw out all that talmudic made-up fake history we are crammed to the brim with, we are going to develop a sharp and crystal clear identity as a people apart from all others.

We need to see anybody who tells us we are all alike as someone out to exterminate us for the very reason we are different. Sorry, but that just isn't the case.

Anybody who is does not identify with the Neanderthal as his ancestors will find he has nothing else to be proud of. I know what I am talking about. 100,000 years and the others have never been much of anything but animals. We are men for the precise reason we do not always do what is easy or what is most expedient.

Texas Arcane said...

Garry Joe -

Read that 48 list. Monstrous stuff.

Garry Joe said...

Newsnight claims 'leading Tory from Thatcher years was part of paedophile ring who raped boys at Welsh children's home'... but BBC sparks new fury by failing to NAME 'shadowy' politician

The Lab Manager said...

styrac said...

Tex, my 4 year old niece is hyperactive, has something like adhd (for instance when she starts an activity like singing or talking about something she will not listen or pay attention to anyone who tells her to stop or tries to interrupt her until she finishes it), she has problem forming friendships/connecting with her peers in the kindergarten, and used to cry way way more than the usual when she was an infant. Do these suggest that she might have some kind of autism/Asperger's syndrome? Aspie kids are said to have clumsy moves, however her moves when she dances are full of grace like those of a trained ballet dancer. She's is also very intelligent and has tremendous memory abilities, once she listens to a phrase or a song she stores it and is able to repeat it word by word. She has dark blond hair and brown eyes.

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