Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Last Person Out of Western Civilization, Remember To Turn Off The Gas and Lights

POTUS just won a second term and he still cannot produce a legal social security number.
Wonder dog is afraid.
 Vault-Co says we are in the final stretch now.


Garry Joe said...

It didn't matter who the nation of America (whites) voted for, they are going to get screwed.

Law 31

Control the Options: Get Others to Play with the Cards you Deal

The best deceptions are the ones that seem to give the other person a choice: Your victims feel they are in control, but are actually your puppets. Give people options that come out in your favor whichever one they choose. Force them to make choices between the lesser of two evils, both of which serve your purpose. Put them on the horns of a dilemma: They are gored wherever they turn.

Garry Joe said...

This was the last stand for the implicit white man's party.

Demographics is destiny. So the betrayers, knowing this, will become as openly anti-white as the Democrats. But there is no room for two anti-white parties, so the betrayers will go the way of the Whigs and something better will take their place.

White Supremacy ends (white complacency) when whites understand they no longer have a say, in the country their ancestors created. When White Supremacy ends, the rubber really hits the road.

I see the Gates of Vienna on the horizon. ;)

HerewardMW said...

Obama is already turning off the gas.

Garry Joe said...

Professional "Diversity Consultant" Tim Wise, anti-whitin' again:

Psycho Timmy Tweets

The last I heard, this anti-white was paid six thousand dollars a speech + expenses, by the top companies and corporations in America, to tell them about "racism".

In case anyone doesn't remember Tim Wise, he was gloating at the prospect of White Genocide at the last election:

Tim Wise - An Open Letter to White People

Like the Clinton family, he looks like me, but is not loyal to me.

Garry Joe said...

Look at Bill O'Reilly's dead eyes in this video. He looks like a man condemned.

Bill O'Reilly: "The White Establishment Is Now The Minority"

He was anti-white just a few years ago, when he still believed whites were supreme, but now he looks scared.

I also noticed he used the word anti-white, twice this year. Interesting...

Garry Joe said...

Patrick J. Buchanan did the math:

America is now a third world country, with first world expectations.

When the silver haired Baby Boomers work it out, it will be too late for them.

The people they gave the United States to, will not be willing or able, to pay their upkeep. Its going to be ugly.

Garry Joe said...

This is your future, White America

CNN Report - Pizza Brawl

Texas Arcane said...

I knew all this was happening.

I just knew a lot earlier than everybody else.

I'm an early bounder.

For me, it's all postscript.

hitfan said...

I watched Faux News, and one of the commentators on "The Five" said something to the effect that immigrants should be taught that freedom to work hard is better than getting free stuff, or something to that effect.

Which tells me that the corporate fatcats aren't all that smart, are they? They're the ones who argued that there were too many jobs that Americans don't want to do and that immigrants were essential for economic growth.

Kind of reminds me of the aristocrats of the Old South who argued that slaves from Africa were absolutely necessary for their economic well-being.

In both of these cases, these geniuses never deigned to consider that the very cheap labor they imported would have dire democratic consequences in the future. Hoisted by their own petard, oy vey.

I enjoyed seeing the butthurt look on Karl Rove's face when he was desperately trying to argue that Ohio would still turn Republican in spite of all the evidence. He has a lot of 'splaining to do to his paymasters who are wondering where their hundreds of millions of dollars went trying to persuade the diminishing white electorate to vote for the fatcat party.

If I had the money, I would buy a lot of houses in Malibu and then donate them to cultural enrichers just for good measure. These assholes insulate themselves from the Third World dregs while complaining about the 'white racist' rabble at cocktail parties.

I sincerely hope that Obama is a secret Muslim and that he tells Netanyahu, the Likudiks and the Zionists to go screw themselves.

America, you get the Kenyan government you deserve.

Garry Joe said...

@hitfan said...
"If I had the money, I would buy a lot of houses in Malibu and then donate them to cultural enrichers just for good measure. These assholes insulate themselves from the Third World dregs while complaining about the 'white racist' rabble at cocktail parties."

Every night, should be Pizza Brawl Night, for white anti-whites.

hitfan said...

@Garry Joe: I looked for Pizza Brawl Night on Youtube. The evidence for the dire consequences of the multicult is being documented for all to see.

Perhaps a techno solution might come and save the world from such depravity. If the Holodeck ever becomes reality, then we can plug in the subhuman horde to this and let them act out all their animalistic impulses to their heart's content into a virtual reality world.

If all of Africa can get universal internet access (the price of technology is going down, year after year), perhaps Artificial intelligence will allow them to become self sufficient and take advantage of their own resources.

3D printing technology might make the concept of gun control obsolete (this is a tool used by liberals to disarm whites), where honest citizens can more easily defend themselves.

But that's just the optimism of the poker player in me, looking at all the possible outs for the horrible hand that we're dealt. Vault-Co posted something to the effect that the crumbling infrastructure would be so far gone that any technological solution could not be scaled to meet the challenge.

Garry Joe said...

Republicans selling their White voter base out, is "evolution".

Garry Joe said...

I'm hoping for a healthy white society to secede from all the crap - I am an optimist though, hopefully not too deluded... So I don't give a fig what non-whites and white anti-whites do, after we separate from them.

I follow Gene Roddenberry's philosophy: Don't interfere in the affairs of other races. Just leave them be.

They aren't ready for our technology - air conditioners, cars, computer, etc, if they can't invent and maintain it on their own.

Leave them be and let nature sort them out. We owe them nothing and they owe us nothing.

iese_83 said...

The dog looks, timid indeed.

hitfan said...

I've always despised Hannity. I think he is worse than Limbaugh in many ways. He simply parrots Republican boilerplate press releases. The opinion he just espoused is not his own--he's simply placating the establishment to suck up to them.

If all the conservative movement will take a courageous stand for is nihilistic Randian capitalism above all else, then I'd rather support the economic Marxists to destroy them. Francis Parker Yockey (a rightist activist of his day) figured out in the 1950s that the greatest threat to Western civilization was not Russian communism but the United States itself. TO any patriot of European history and society, American consumer culture is empty and decadent. At least Stalin abolished the idiotic Bolshevik social engineering and proclaimed that the nuclear family was essential for the success of Communism.