Thursday, November 15, 2012

ITZ FLAG - China Capturing North Atlantic Base?!?

If they get this airstrip they will have driven a wedge into the Atlantic sphere of control that will assure victory for them in the Third World War, which should last approximately fifteen minutes and end with the 'Stain a 3000 mile wide glassine crater.

There is also a downside.

It's great timing, because the politicians have a lot of surplus population they'd like to dump in a radioactive trench somewhere and push the contaminated topsoil over.

There is also a downside.

Kwanstainia is so terrified of China that they hope if they just pretend they don't exist then somehow they'll fade away. You know how little kids pull the sheet up over their heads at night and think if they don't look at the monsters it means they don't exist? Kwanzans only fight third world militaries in their fantasies because they are scared to even pretend that China isn't going to kick their asses.


njartist said...

O.T.: Neanderthals

Kurent L said...

Ah, 'tis a shame I didn't find you earlier. It would have been fun to dig myself a rabbit hole. Very much like the sorts of adventures you imagine as boy.

But I guess I should just enjoy my youth instead.