Friday, November 30, 2012

Golfing Through The Post-Nuclear Wasteland

See what Detroit is now.

All those magnificent buildings could have come straight out of Fallout 3.

With fifty years of perspective, you can clearly see all of this for what it is : a slow acting cultural poison dripped into the veins of the country through televitz.

This has always been a spiritual war. Places like Detroit are only the manifestation of the continual loss of ground to the enemy. This is a spiritual war and mankind is always losing.

Slowly. Slowly, so gradually the subject is not aware of what is happening to it. Always presented as "progress" and "liberation." Always "overcoming" one's existing cultural heritage.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scienmajists Stand in the Way of Science

There was a slight margin of error between 13.7 billion years and 150+ billion years.

... otherwise, everything else they said was 100% scienmagistically true.

Always made me laugh how they used the "13.7" figure like they had the math so accurate they had figured it to the nearest tenth. Idiots. How can you tell when these morons are lying? Their lips move.

Hey, how much have you heard about this lately? Notice how you read about stuff on Vault-Co about ten years before you even hear a peep of it anywhere else?

Fred Hoyle was right. The universe is eternal. It has always been here. It always will be here.

"He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision." - KJV Psalm 2:4

Empire of the Sodomites

Just another day in Kwanstainia.

Baby rape is on the verge of being legalized in Kwanstainia

What fun we will have on the day

Even a Kwanstainian could figure it out by now

Looks like portions of the Amazon jungle except with better street wiring

"Lord, please do something about this grease stain between the Pacific and the Atlantic. It smells terrible and it looks like a Mardi Gras parade themed as a tribute to the Village People. If you could see your way clear to putting a little pressure on Yellowstone I think it would clean these problems up and bring us all a better tomorrow.


Iceland Media Blankout

Just like South Africa, it must have vanished off the planet. It's the only explanation.

Well, there is another explanation, actually.

Australia Bans Miracle Solutions And Innovation

It makes too much sense, is too cheap and literally turns wastewater into fresh abundant food.

Sounds incredible so of course the bureaucrats who run Australia are not having any of it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

If Modern Physics Was Not A Hoax, Would This Be Happening Worldwide?

Biggest colliders in the world have been shut down due to budgetary constraints (Thanks, Charity)

If even a single military application had been produced as a result of these colliders I guarantee you that Congress would have not only approved their funding, they would have sacrificed budgets in other areas to preserve it and keep it operating.

If you are discovering fundamental principles of matter and penetrating to the heart of subatomic energy, wouldn't you be discovering amazing new applications left, right and center? High powered plasma beams, fusion reactors that are stable, levitation, force fields ... if anything we are told about "modern physics" is the truth, I reckon we would have seen enough industrial and military inventions produced by one hour of operation to keep the entire country busy for the next one hundred years.

Number of applications that are a result of particle collider research ... zero. Zip. Nada. Nothing.

Somebody is trying to pull a fast one around here. That's what I think. You going to tell me you discovered the Higgs Boson but you can't come up with a commercial or military application that applies what you have discovered to manifest a practical function? Now how on earth could that have happened?

I think physics has been highjacked by a cabal of nepotistic, fast-talking bullsh*t artists who are incapable of producing anything useful from any of their work.

While the United States was faffing around with this delusional rubbish, the Chinese perfected the pebble bed reactor. That is what I call a practical application. They didn't need particle colliders to do it.

Particle collider research beats working for a living. That's what I think. Ask Steven Hawkings.

If America had been steered towards the Electric Universe in the 1950's instead of Quantum Mechanics, right now we'd all be living in the pre-war world of Fallout 3. We'd have robots floating around as our servants and kids would go to school on hoverboards.

George Carlin Was Right

They're coming for your retirement savings, folks. They want that money and they are going to get it.

I pity a fool who votes for a "President" who cannot produce a valid social security number.

Kwanstainians, grab your ankles and get ready for the improvamentation.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cervical Cancer Soon To Be Mandatory For Girls

UPDATE : Die Young & Leave A Good Looking Corpse With Vaccines

UPDATE : Breast-Choppers International & Their F*gging Mammograms Keep your womanhood away from doctors if you want to keep it! These pigs hate females and their God-given reproductive capacity!

Gardasil is a medical biohazard and permanent crippling compound designed to be injected into young women as they enter their fertile years.

Wait, you're thinking, you'll just opt out for your daughter - except the televitz and mediavitzim are nattering noisily in a campaign to make it mandatory.

People can opt out. Barnyard stock cannot opt out of what is "best" for them. So they will get whatever injection-of-the-week they can pull out of a spinning carousel and stick into your children's veins. What's next on the wheel of bio-fun? Autism, cancer, asthma, brain damage? Nobody knows! It's a crazy cornucopia of medical laughs!! No shortage of patients with serious illnesses and they are making more of them by the hour! Take your death poke or lose your job!!

A familiar experience to me as an independent contractor over the past thirty years is that I will be one of the few staff members nobody offers the "free" flu vaccination to provided by the company. When a new flu arrives, you can usually spot me sitting in my little cubicle on a largely empty floor typing away on my computer with 90% of all staff at home sick. It is great, I love when this happens, I can post to my blog on Vault-Co and don't have to pretend to be doing work like the usual suspects when they are there during the day. Except for me, all of them would have taken the "flu shot" that would "protect" them from getting ill. Man is not a learning animal.

If they can't nail you dead with one of their fix-it genocide injectors, they'll get you sooner or later because you'll have to eat at some point. Useless eater terminated.

Western Governments Blame Water Shortages On Too Many People Drinking on Regular Basis

They were supposed to be spending those tax dollars on infrastructure over the past fifty years but instead they threw the money away on vital programs to sew lips to chickens and try to train houseflies to clean up after themselves. Now they're broke, the population has tripled in most places and previous water supplies are entirely inadequate to service the existing demand.

The governments have decided to blame the shortfalls on "too many people requiring water on a daily basis" and "unusual climate change, like for example more than a day without rainfall."

With civilization, you start to fall behind in a few areas or sleep at the wheel for a couple of decades and before you know it, you're in really deep straits.

If you're incompetent at your job, you steer the focus to "conservation." It's not that you can't supply the needs of your taxpayers, you claim that all those needs are exhausting the existing supply of everything. "Conservation" is what you harp on about when you can't build desalinization plants, pebble bed reactors and new dams. That is actually what those tax dollars were supposed to be used for. They blew most of it on new office furniture from IKEA and a rotary condiments tray for the kitchenette. None left for extraneous concerns like drinking water.

Final Round of Mexican Beauty Contest Ends In Small Arms Fire

Mexico is a tough place for beauty queens.

... but they will be spreading the pain around liberally soon in the Kwanstain shortly, so don't tsk-tsk because this will be going down in your neighborhood a lot sooner than you think. Trust Tex, these dominos fall rapidly once they start to fall.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vault-Co Was Here First

I think it was in late 2003 we first began ranting about the coming technological revolution in deathbots.

Sounded pretty crazy back then. I could see which way the wind was blowing.

There are a lot of people worried now. This is the sort of thing that could get completely out of hand really quickly. Really quickly. They could be deployed to one region and might migrate out. If they put them in charge of their own manufacture, you'd have a real problem there in no time, especially if you began to program them to detect attempts at sabotage by enemy sappers.

If they build them to do things like eat corpses for energy, well ... it could get crazy overnight.

Aspartame is Harmless

Donald Rumsfeld promised it was safe.

When Donald makes a promise, you know you're safe. If you can't trust Donald Rumsfeld with your life, who can you trust?

Worldwide Famine One Harvest Away

Babies, the other white meat. 7 Billion people and nothing to eat.

This year they have food stamps. Next year, unlikely they will have anything.

Blight has killed more people than all the wars combined throughout human history. Blights have preceded wars and made their aftermaths apocalyptic.

Cyanobacteria can take care of the ocean, blight will take care of the shore.

Kwanzanians will comport themselves poorly, rest assured.

Marc Faber on the raw butthurt in store for the West. 

Confrontation with China inevitable as the 'Stain goes down the drain.

They're makin' a list, they're checkin' it twice, they're gonna find out who's naughty and nice ... Blankfein is the first name on the list.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kwanstainian Zombie Horde Gets Heckled

It is not exaggeration to say that the majority of Kwanstainians do not meet the cut-off criteria to be regarded as human. They are the perfect subjects of an all-powerful State to manage like cattle and chickens. They are incapable of rational thought, primarily driven by instinct, have no capacity for reflection.

The State wanted to replace the former inhabitants with these new unholy creatures because they are a million times easier to control and administrate.

The melonhead oligarchy desired that the creations of Enki be returned to their natural state which is one of submission. That goal has nearly been achieved. Looking at them, can you see why melonheads hold so little regard for them? Can you blame them? They believe it is their place to lead and these animals to follow.

Granted, just as their servants are a little interbred, so too the melonheads themselves are quite interbred nowadays, no longer the pure pharaonic strains they once were. The same innate behaviours remain present in both hominid subspecies. They only need a bit of kindling and they all come to the surface again. Blood is thicker than water and all animals act according to their nature. The nature of the servants that Enki made is to serve and to kneel. They can be seen to do both nowadays and they will only grow more passive as this regime becomes stronger and consolidates it's power. The Constitution or the Bill of Rights is no more than a sheet of paper tossed into a flame to these creatures, it is without any authority compared to their own natural innate feelings about their place in the scheme of things.

If you believe like me that you are Amud, you must understand that your feelings that this is all wrong are themselves wrong. You are projecting qualities onto the majority of mankind they don't have. If they had them, they'd have the same instinctive feeling that this is wrong the way that you do. They don't have those qualities. The Amud have an instinct, a deep animal instinct that men should be free. You have to figure out for yourself what defines someone as a "man" when we expect they should want freedom. The majority of mankind wants to return to the warm straw and the trough of their safe stable. Deep down, it is all they ever wanted and nothing else.

Does a "man" have a right to come between a master and his animals? It's interesting to think about. The animals will resent you for trying to do so. The master will resent you as well. Who here wants what you are offering? Nobody. This is the frustration of having the Neanderthal genome expressed in you. It instills universal notions of right and wrong, of proper treatment of others as well as beasts. If people don't have the same instincts you do, can you be sure the same things you want from life are what they themselves want? Notice how everyone despises you for trying to interfere in the natural order of things. Damned Neanderthals, nothing but troublemakers just walking around from the day they are born. What man tries to start a revolution in a barnyard? Think about it. I've been doing so for a long, long time.

I've been watching a documentary on public television while posting this about how wonderful it is that modern women are liberated from the tyranny of children, motherhood, husbands and families. Instead this documentary celebrates that they can have a series of meaningless sexual encounters randomly with cruel, shallow sociopathic men who feel nothing for them, see them only as a sexual toy, no other role for them in life outside of work and barren lonely neurotic angst until they kill themselves in their late 40's from the sheer miserable horror of it all. Sick, diseased, unwholesome, lethal. The girls can't get enough of it, they honestly believe they've got it better than their mothers ever did. The documentary is a kind of liquid insanity poured into the poor girl's brains and they believe the idea, the gestalt is their own. It is not their own. It is what another desires that they think and so they do. Do you really think that a species of woman who survived the Ice Ages could really be conditioned so easily, would be so malleable, so easily controlled? Of course not. A girl who survived the Ice Age would be way too bright, too resourceful, too fiercesomely independent to believe any of this. She would know better. The female servants that Enki made would not. Think about it.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Waxing Cans for Long Term Storage

Great article on waxing cans to keep them from rusting

I'm doing this on my next rotation. I was just discarding some rusty cans today that don't look safe to eat out of. I recommend doing this with all your cans if you plan on storing any of them more than a year.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Obvious Cooling Phase Begins Within A Month

A Dalton Minimum, possibly a Maunder Minimum

I'm not going to say it is absolutely the end of the Holocene. It seems likely but I could be off by more than a hundred years. I am going to say, it is going to get really cold.

Nasa concurs back in 2010 along with a hundred other real, as opposed to "social" scientists

This month of December. See counter to the right. The next solar minimum is going to be surreal, with so few sunspots there will appear to be nothing but a smooth solar surface for another 12 years. During this time, it's going to get real down here. You have my word on it. 


It's going to get cold like nobody's business. By the time the next solar "max" rolls in around 2024, Britain is going to have a climate like Siberia and there are going to be a lot of dead people in the northern hemisphere. Chief amongst the dead will be the idiots who kept warning the population the planet was warming up, because these people were false witnesses who prevented others from taking proper precautions against the coming cold.

Your average person doesn't have much imagination. They aren't good as visualizing implications of things. I am and I am telling you, sh*t is going to get real down here in the coming decade. That's a fact. If you listened to the warnings on this blog you would have had nearly a decade to get ready. There is still time to try to prepare for all of this. ITZ COMING, you better believe it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On The Failure of the West

The battery on my laptop has worn out and it won't hold a charge anymore.

My wife was warning me that because I have a Hewlett-Packard Commie Cartel notebook, the replacement battery was probably going to require a second mortgage on our house.

I took advantage of the opportunity to tell her about the utter awesomeness of the Chinese manufacturing industrial monolith. Within 72 hours of any laptop being released nowadays, the Chinese have usually organized an alternative replacement battery which they have prototyped, tested and refined before the actual parent company has even begin to accept orders for replacement parts.

These people cannot be underestimated. They are beyond incredible. After a century of stereotypes about Asians lacking mental flexibility and innovative insights, they are now the most adaptive and productive race of people that has ever lived on the planet that we can document historically.

If the entire Western world showed up to a tennis match with the Chinese, they would probably show up with a badminton racket and forget to wear pants. That's a good analogy of the differences between the two nations. The West is like a senile old man who can't remember where he put his dentures last night in comparison. In the time it takes the Western world to form a subcommittee to discuss the possibility of manufacturing a new product in a couple of years, the Chinese can have them rolling off the assembly line still warm. I would guess that with the coming explosion in 3D printing devices that this is only going to increase exponentially in the future.

That's just talking about the manufacture of common appliances and electronics. If we are talking about waging and winning a nuclear war, there is no comparison. The Chinese would win, right now, hands down, no contest. This presents a vision of two futures : one where the failed regime in the Kwa quietly concedes defeat and shuffles into their new jobs as coolies pulling rickshaws for Asian diplomats visiting underdeveloped nations ... and the other one where they go violently and savagely into the long night firing everything in their arsenal in a worldwide thermonuclear conflict that is so ugly it defies comprehension. I predict that because of the nature of the leadership taking over the 'Stain at present it is going to be the latter.

This is the sorriest man-shaped sonofabitch on the planet.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Really Good Article About Civilization

All successful systems result from the introduction of controlled anarchy

That's what free market systems are. They represent a form of risk taking where the real risk is minimal compared to the enormous gains possible in prosperity, quality of life and advancements in science and industry as well as private life.

Socialists are people who simply do not have the native intelligence to comprehend how all this works. Like a person suffering from senility, they need to reduce the number of factors that cannot be controlled to a tiny subset in order to achieve a feeling of security. They cannot comprehend how things can be quite orderly, conservative and progressively improving in the absence of central control by a "big boss" overseeing it all and telling people what they should do next.

Imagining a free nation as a fuzzy logic supercomputer where free men make mistakes and take small risks is well outside the capacity of those tiny shrunken damaged amygdalas inside their brains. They can't understand how wealth and success can emerge from errors and self-correction.

The socialist is a like a retarded person who is afraid of wide open spaces and voices coming from places they cannot see line-of-sight. This is why the Bolshevists shrunk the map of Russia as soon as they seized power. They didn't like the idea of Russia being so colossal it was obviously outside the ability of the State to control everything that happened inside it. Big things going on outside the grasp of their infantile hands are frightening and disturbing to them. The communist and socialist just want everybody around them to be quiet so they can concentrate and then tell everybody what they should be doing to "fix everything." As if humans would need such people to tell them anything at all.

The "left" is nothing but a polite, tactful political expression for a kind of localized and sometimes global brain damage. That's all. It took me fifty years and the help of a few other truly insightful thinkers to realize this. They are the enemies of human freedom from the day that they are born, with the exception of their own. This is why it is so important to them to destroy any laws which restrict impulse gratification at any time, in any place. They call this "freedom," but the men who wrote the Constitution called it slavery to passing impulses. The left won't be happy until all speech and thought is heavily restricted but they can masturbate in public places without fear of repercussion. This is what "freedom" means to these creatures.

De Facto Civil War Already Started In Kwa

Third World Palace Coup Ready To Start Handing Out Spoils of Conquest

It doesn't matter where this happens, the same thing follows ... people throw furniture out the windows to the mob below as payment for supporting the "winning" side of the Bongo Party revolution. They then have a wild bonfire, some people break into the palace pantry and they all dance around the flames laughing, drinking and eating merrily. The next day they all starve and die. This cycle is repeated over and over again for the last couple of centuries all over the world. It is what third world countries call "progress."

Obama is going to pay his loyal quislings in ZOGBux until that paper collapses to reach par with bird cage liner in exchange value, which will probably occur at some point in the next fifteen minutes.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Kwanstainia Is A Doomed Nation

Inhofe says the Cold War was much stabler than the situation the Kwa is in now

The 'Stain is looking at a possible first strike from several different nations in a single day.

It can't come too soon to rescue whatever dignity the old girl has left. When the Kenyan finishes this country off it will be better for her if she was to simply cease to exist.

How Can You Tell When An Idea Is Crazy?

That's easy. If Vault-Co says it long before it is put to a consensus a couple decades down the road, it's crazy talk by a petty bourgeois ranter. If everybody takes a vote and they all declare they have no idea what I am talking about, it is okay to suggest I am motivated purely by mad irrationality. Nobody ever contemplates the notion I could possibly be better at seeing the implications of new information before others do. Impossible. Only scienmagists can do that because they have papers and credentials with ribbons and wax stamps on them which certify they are intellamajent. Until you are certified intellamajent you cannot get credentials to be intellamajent.

Years laters, when an edjamafacated persun sez it, then it's freakin' brilliant.

Chemotherapy Kills

Scientists know it for a fact, doctors could care less. It's a windfall. Getting a cancer patient is something you build your retirement on. It is a chance to turn an illness into a fatality and no doctor passes up the chance to put his patient into the slalom/shalom of death. It is a license to print money if you're in a nationalized health care system.

The Twinkie That Destroyed Kwanstainia

All the American brands are vanishing because America is vanishing, right in front of your eyes

The Kwanstain will be just fine if they can figure out how to support 300 million people with worthless fiat paper, no business and 20 trillion dollars of debt. Good luck with all that.

California first. A state built upon left wing politics and political correctness, now about to return to the desert. The conservatives built it and ran the aqueducts, the left has torn it to shreds and run it into the ground. When you can't excel at creation you excel at destruction.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The "God" That Failed

The State can't help anybody. The State helps itself. You're on your own in this world.

If the State is your "god," you'd better get yourself a new god.

The only faith that is crazier and more irrational than Christianity is all the other faiths, including the faith of the godless in the government.

Governments are incompetent by definition. The majority of all the people who work for the government do so because they are not competent to get jobs in the private sector. Incompetency is an important requirement for people who want government jobs.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Modern Science Is In Absolute Shambles

9 out of 10 people will not understand the implications of what they read here.

They admit to 200,000 years or more here.

I've seen a monograph from a university in the United States that proposes quietly that Neanderthals may have been regularly plying the oceans for very long ranges as far back as 800,000+ years, before the advent of "Snowball Earth," a climate change around 700,000 years ago it was previously believed that no humans could ever survive. So Neanderthals could have been making and sailing boats before mankind was even believed to have existed anywhere in the 1960's.

Mind you, these are Mousterians, unmistakably lacking in frontal lobes but no shortages in the occipital region. They would have only been social with their own kind and unlikely to cooporate at more than tribal level even with other Neanderthals. They were classic Neanderthals before the appearance of the Amud.

The first Amud are recognized at 120,000 years prior. They could have existed much earlier, this is the first valid discovery that I know of with my limited access to information that is jealously and secretively guarded by academics all over the planet.

The Amud had frontal lobes as large or larger than modern people. His features and bones are simultaneously incredibly thick (part of identifying him as a "Neanderthal") whilst exhibiting gracile qualities at the same time with narrower joints that taper, a strong sign of neoteny in humans. The Amud never had brains as big as melonheads or Boskop man but were much bigger than those of modern humans. He is not as hybridized as the Denisovians (of whom they have found much more remains than they admit to publicly) but seems to be another path taken by Neanderthals in their development in the form of a unique and one-of-a-kind species.

About those "drying poles" they are always inventorying at museums. A lot of people think they aren't "drying poles" used to smoke meats at all. Many people believe they are long spears intended to be used by men on horseback. Those would be exactly the kinds of distance weapons you would imagine Neanderthals would employ on the Dire Wolf to drive them out of Europe. You would also expect to find some in every cave lying around as they would be indispensable. Somebody says they spotted a wolf, somebody in the cave gets on a horse, rides it down (horses can easily corner wolves with good riders) and they'd spear him with little risk to themselves. So we'd fully expect to find one of these in most caves inhabited around this era. It's just that the academic who found it recorded it as a "drying pole, possibly for fish or jerky."

Friday, November 16, 2012

Savile : Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong

Everything. Or Savile never existed.

Once you accept that the same people who tell you what is acceptable for you to be thinking, speaking and voting for are the exact same people putting on pig masks and anally raping children at secret pedo parties, your world is going to fall to pieces. If you're a sheeple, you just got served.

Either Savile existed or he didn't. If Jimmy Savile existed then all the crap that comes out of that idiot box is a lie. It's bad people telling you bad things when they are the worst specimens ... not the best ... of the human tragedy.

Imagine them with those pig masks on and you will know why you are mistaken in what you believe to be right and wrong. If these guys are your leaders then it is time to get yourself some new leaders. Their advice is designed to make fools out of you all. These guys are laughing behind their sleeves at you because you are dumb enough to listen to them for your moral compass. That says more about who you are than what they are. These guys were simply born bad but you must have been born stupid if you are allowing clowns like these to lecture you as to where your priorities lie in life. People like them don't know anything. This is why they are on televitz to begin with.
Savile himself would boast about his connections to the royals and it was publicly acknowledged that he was a regular visitor to Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace (where Princess Diana lived after her marriage ended with Prince Charles), and Highgrove (the country estate of Prince Charles).

Savile told Esquire: 'The thing about me is I get things done and I work deep cover. I've known the Royal Family for a million years.'
As I have sat here writing this I have been watching the opening of 2001 : A Space Odyssey on cable with the ridiculous ape suits and the confused notions about our origins and marveling at how what seemed profound to me forty years ago now seems to me to be the primitive fantasies of a child. The lack of imagination present to believe men only walked erect a short time ago and we represent the peak of this "evolution" (no evidence of any real change in the past million years in anybody excepting the Amud!) today is such crude conjecture it almost made me blush. All of these ideas have been so important for our decadent ruling elites to ingrain in us that they constitute a fantastic mystery religion in their own right.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

After The Solar Max In December, This Planet Is Going To Get Cold As Hell

Absolutely, positively looking at the cliff of a Maunder Minimum coming up. This Russian says 2014 and it is going to be very sudden and very dramatic.

One thing that is going to warm my heart during the very worst snowstorms is thinking about all those cosmopolitans in the big cities of the 'Stain literally frozen solid in comical poses, still lecturing about globalwarmthinkery with their blue fingers raised inside blocks of ice.

It's about amygdalas. If you don't have one, you will never be able to do anything but simulate thinking. You might be quite lively and very animated but there will be something missing there. It is the center of the brain for a reason and if it goes missing it takes your soul and consciousness with it. Without a properly developed amygdala you aren't really human at all, you're just a clever replicant going through the motions. Without an amygdala you can't think so you're going to resort to the consensus because it is literally all that you have.

If there is one consistency about the consensus it is this - it is always wrong. If it was right, there'd be no consensus on it. A minority of people can really think, less than 5% of the population. The other 95% are just faking it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Media Laughs As 20+ States File Petition for Secession

UPDATE : Texas gets 25K required signatures in a single day. Screw Kenya El Norte. The dog doesn't like that dogfood. Some just don't want to be part of your party, ZOG. Texas doesn't want to be around you. Texas is wealthy and run by people who have their constituents best interests at heart, which leaves you at a strong disadvantage, D.C., since you are the enemy of every single person who lives within your own national borders. Go off and be a bigshot communist loser on your own, see how far you get. Without productive people somewhere you're just another crackhead on the down-low, Barry Soetoro. Why should a man work an 8 hour day to pay a sorry bunch of left-wing pukes to spend his money on dope and male escorts for the perverts in Washington, D.C. ? Shove off and go start your own country based on the writings of Karl Marx. Oh wait, they already tried that. Hard. It didn't work out so good. Well, maybe you could get some country in the Middle East and try your ideas there. Not such a good result, either, nobody who supports it wants to actually live there. It seems you need winners to hide from the fact that your ideas about the real world are sick and failed. Remember, without them you're nothing at all. So let's part amicably and we can all live the way that seems best to us in life with those of similar minds. That's what America was all about originally. Then you lot showed up and it has been going downhill ever since. You seem closer to a barnacle than a person and that's a fact.

Yeah, it's a laugh riot. Just look how funny that first Civil War was. I can see the future is going to be hysterical.

It's hilarious, leftists. Really funny stuff. If you're nuts and don't really know where you are most of the time.

The media worships the State as God. They consider any disobedience to be the equivalent of heresy.

Catholicism never faded away. The Vatican moved from Italy to mass media. Same mindless worship, same ritualistic fervour, same love of forcing others to conform to their artificial hierarchy.

The atheist surrendered Christianity to begin the worship of something a thousand times more ridiculous than any foible they ever attributed to religious "irrationality." If the only "god" you have is the State, you need to get yourself a new "god." The State is just a bunch of losers who could never get real day jobs.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Build a Bike Generator

Good basic introduction to the subject.

Buy permanent magnet motors and inverters so you'll have lots of spares. Bikes you can get almost anywhere. With a VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) you get the wind to do the pushing for you, even when it is not blowing very hard.

The Raw Brilliance Of Melonheads

Read this and you'll know why the good man will never change anything.

Good men have to make basic assumptions about people that simply aren't true in order to intervene. The better they are, the more helpless they'll be.

Men have no better angels and they are domesticated animals by nature.

The Amud will never stop the Melonhead from taking back his slaves. Never. They were made to serve and any era in which they do not serve is a temporary aberration soon to be remedied by them. 

The Amud are one species of biped on this planet who achieved a better way of existing but it was not something that could be spread to others who are too different in character from his race.

It's like trying to put your foot down to prevent a man from retrieving his goats. They are his property, are you sure it is the right thing to do to try to stop him from taking back what belongs to him? They want to go into the paddock. It is in their nature. If you tried to stop him from reclaiming his property ... the next thing you feel is goats butting you from behind. They want you to get out of the way. They are dumb brutes who cannot imagine the world the way you do. They want their water and their fresh straw. Their master will give these things to them.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ron Paul : Vault-Co Was Right About The 'Stain

UPDATE : Tons of 'Stain companies throwing in the towel, getting out of business altogether except for skeleton crews sufficient to write checks to offshore business. Many of them have decided that if the country is going Marxist they are obligated to look out for themselves and are not interested in trying to run businesses anymore in a nation with the economic policies of Kenya.

Ron Paul has taken his rose-colored glasses off and faced facts. There aren't enough sane people left in the United States to elect even a quasi-sane candidate.

Thus go all empires into the wastebin of history, pecked to death by a thousand popinjays stealing seed for their little chicks.

Demographics is destiny. The 'Stain is a vegetable garden.

I don't run this blog to blow my own horn, believe it or not. I do have to say ... you notice how when the confidence in men is cut back to zero by a serious collision with reality and they are temporarily so depressed they can't muster any unrealistic euphoria ... they begin to sound remarkably similar to the way we talk at Vault-Co all the time over the past ten years.

What a miserable little dump of a country the 'Stain is.

My only real strength is a failure to buy into false hopes. It is tempered by a knowledge of human history which is full of stories of great nations that fell to false hopes and unrealistic ideals about mankind.

Where the Kwa is going, it won't be coming back from. Sorry but it was always true, I apologize for being one of the first people to say it.

Vault-OS : Is This The Ultimate Plug'n'Play?

OpenWRT Linux on a $9.99 WR703N ??!?!?

Now I've seen it all!

Netduino, Raspberry PI, Thin Clients ... step aside. This looks to be the cheapest networkable mini-computer of all time!

I have been getting Vault-OS to work under Win32 without worrying about cross-platform but this makes me think I should use Mingw instead of Watcom to make certain it compiles on a Linux platform.

You can have a couple USB sockets there if you add a hub, you can support a keyboard, mouse, camera, hard drive, DVD in addition to CANBus (through ELM327), I2C, MODBus, RS-485, RS-232, etc.

If I do an IndieGoGo campaign for Vault-OS this might be the box I offer for the higher pledges with Vault-OS installed and ready to run.

This would be a perfect example of an environment where you would do well to forego the .DLLs and just compile the entire monster as one big static exe file.

Third World Country, First World Expectations

Marxists always win in these situations which means the entire planet and mankind lose.

The 'Stain will be just another sordid little backwater with broken sewer mains and weeks at a time with no food in the stores. The man on the street will tell you he gets a free education and a tuition stipend to study ... not realizing that all that means nothing since there will be no job for him when he leaves the rotten, whiteboard shack called a free government school.

Sapiens is not a learning animal. Sapiens. Sapiens never changes.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Last Person Out of Western Civilization, Remember To Turn Off The Gas and Lights

POTUS just won a second term and he still cannot produce a legal social security number.
Wonder dog is afraid.
 Vault-Co says we are in the final stretch now.

Trying to Recover From Globowarmthinkery

You now have the spectacle of scientists trying to blame the planet's obvious cooling on global warming, even knowing full well of the spectacular changes on the surface of the Sun.

What we are seeing here is the conversion of science to pseudo-religious faith-based doctrines that require the suspension of disbelief to even listen to with a straight face. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Melonhead Spiked In Britain By Slaves!!

These are some pretty awesome burial sites in Bulgaria.

The locals feared these aristocrats and when they died they believed they were only transitioning to an immortal state. In the Epic of Gilgamesh the "gods" were described as frequently killed and quick to recover even from fatal wounds because of their vampiric qualities. King Gilgamesh acquired his "half-god" status because his father was a "Lillu," a demon who nourished itself on the blood of slaves. Note these "clerics" practiced strange variations on Christianity on behalf of the aristocrats they served which were rumored to be mere fronts for ancient mystery religions involving human sacrifice. Like their masters, abnormally large heads. I am beginning to believe that Melonheads prefer other Melonheads to arrange for their immediate needs like Renfield in Dracula, not trusting their slaves to prepare their food or conduct their rituals for them.

It appears in a moment of weakness or when unguarded they were rushed and literally spiked into their own tombs, so great was the fear of these people they would rise again.

At Malta, which we have written about here, it appears that many sacrificial altars had grooves so as to gather the blood of the thousands of children sacrificed here so that it could be drunk by the priests. Some of the most vile of these altars were broken up by British troops during their occupation of Malta as being too hideous to leave intact. In addition, the British buried and blocked off at least 75% of the deeper tunnels - what were they afraid of? A British soldier wrote home to his family that many of the troops stationed there thought they heard a terrible singing coming from the lower levels and their leaders responded to these reports by ordering tons of rubble to be piled into entrances to block them off. They feared the troops would refuse to sleep here at night otherwise. I wish I was making this stuff up.

Not mentioned in the article - the guy in the first photo with the biggest skull was red haired, had an abnormally large palate and a brain mass of at least 1900cc or bigger!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Solar Cycles, Volcanism and Magnetic Reversal

How come you are only hearing these things from some crank and his fringe blog in Australia? Where is the rest of the government financed scientific industry and their drone army of tenured academics? What good are all the universities on the planet if they cannot give you at least as much warning as some paranoid nut crouched in a bunker tapping out his mad rantings on some keyboard for his unpaid blog? Hey, this isn't even my job. I'm the last guy you should be hearing from, not the first.
Oh, you got a lotta 'splainin to do, Lucee.

Yes indeed. Volcanism is no joke. It's a planetwide game changer and anybody who thinks it is science fiction could get a taste of the science fact in the near future. Volcanism and extinction cycles are joined at the hip with magnetic reversals, solar maximum and minimums.

Homo Sapiens worried about "globowarmthinkery." This stuff would be funny if I was watching from orbit. It's the COLD you need to worry about, bears of little brain. The COLD. It's so simple, even Sapiens could figure it out. Al Gore is not going to be around to help you when you start to burn the drapes to keep warm. We are headed into a Maunder Minimum and all this gibberish about carbonaceous carbonites is going to be some old newspaper rotting in a seven story snowdrift still clutched in your frozen blue claw. Pull your head out, Saps.

Toba shut the planet down and killed nearly everything on it that didn't have a vault.

All the volcanos on the planet seem to be gearing up for another cycle of vigorous activity.

See that countdown timer in the right corner of this web site? When it hits zero, we are going to experience our last major solar max for at least 120 years. The Sun will be starting a hibernation period that will last at least a century by January of 2013. Then this planet and everybody on it will be going into sudden death cagematch Vault-Co overtime.

Still don't understand what we have been talking about for the last ten years? Don't worry, you will soon.

The State Wants Timid Metrosexuals Who Obey

The best citizen is one raised without any males in the household. Men might complain about the government or even heaven forbid act in opposition to them but women and properly effeminized boys can be counted on to sit down, shut up and do as they are told. The States needs humans to pay tax revenues and attend their day jobs. No other moving parts or instincts need apply. It is really a war of discrimination against warm-blooded mammals. They have done well. The majority of males today do not resist their own destruction in any way. They are as tame as cattle. A bit of bucking at the end as they go up the slaughterhouse ramp but otherwise quite placid until their final hour.

It is obvious why Orwell's ANIMAL FARM and 1984 were removed from the required reading lists.

Clinton admits the U.S. Military is an open joke that gets sniggers wherever they sashay around the globe.

Russia knows where all this crap is funded at and they aren't having any of it. They know perfectly well that itz coming big-time. They see what has happened in the West and they know if they give an inch on their children, their children will get nine inches. All those alarmists had the same problem - they underestimated just how crazy all this gets. It gets much crazier than this.

You gotta admit it is pretty hilarious that Russia spent billions trying to subvert the United States from the inside with similar agitprop and culture war through their quislings here ... and then once it succeeded, the usual suspects now pour tons of money into paying subversives in Russia to do the same. The irony.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Million Years B.C.

I was just watching the start of this schlockfest (best thing in it is Raquel Welch) and I was thinking about how lacking modern humans are in the most basic reasoning skills.

The film opens showing a group of people constantly at each other's throats, brother against brother, barely able to even organize the simple killing of a boar. They do not bother to pick up a fallen man and leave him to die of a broken leg. Back at the cave they fight like dogs over pieces of meat without bothering to hoard any or put any of the catch away, simply eating it on the spot. The women are continuously taken by force and raped whenever any of the men desires them in between stone age catfights.  The cave people are depicted as being incapable of speech and only able to use angry gestures. It was almost like watching the BET Awards on cable. As if there had ever been any Caucasians in the history of the planet who could organize no more social strategy than this under pressure of tough living conditions.

It was hilarious stuff because Homo Sapiens really thinks this is what Neanderthals were like. It was almost like watching the "TYME MASHEEN" at the end of IDIOCRACY to see what crude notions that Sapiens had formed of the past.

It doesn't occur to people that in this tough climate with tribal sizes so small, people with these general behavioral strategies, character makeup and personalities would likely be dead in a matter of days at best. At best. In fact, anybody with the general character of Homo Sapiens would be unlikely to survive a single winter in a climate much colder than the one he has taken for granted during the Holocene. They just don't have the right stuff for anything else.

This is about the phenomenon of projection. The truth is, the only way a**holes this pathetic could survive anywhere under any conditions is right now under the peculiar and unnatural conditions created by "civilization" in the Holocene. At no other time could such barbarism endure for long in the cold.

The evidence shows that Neanderthals and all K-types (conservative biological strategy) are the diametric opposite of these qualities in every possible way. They exhibit great care not only for their injured and wounded but even more respect when burying their dead. They demonstrate a deference to females in all matters of mate selection, never forcing themselves onto women for any reason at the risk of death or expulsion. They tend to decentralized leadership in which cooperation has a very high survival benefit for everyone who learns to avoid conflict and work together without dispute. Far from being promiscuous, the climate encourages lifelong monogamy, emphasis on child rearing and parental investment over and beyond anything Homo Sapiens has ever seen in his society of loose, ever changing sexual unions based on status and reputation. The natural selection for long term provisioning and anticipation of outcomes is very strong in these environments, with constant reinforcement. Far from being monomaniacal idiots driven by impulse gratification, there is evolutionary pressure at all times for stoicism, indifference to immediate needs and the ability to put away selfish motives for altruistic group benefits.

In short, I thought this film was about Homo Sapiens, not Neanderthals. Also, these guys were puny specimens in this movie. I've got more muscle mass on the inside of my big toe than these guys had on their backs and quadriceps. They were sunken chested girly men saps playing at Neanderthals and not very convincingly I might add. Neanderthals could have killed ten of these guys in ten seconds while playing an intense ping pong game with his free hand against the entire Chinese International team.

That Raquel Welch was one beautiful woman. In a Neanderthal tribe she would have picked a mate for many traits other than the ability to grunt and eat a drum leg, not least of which she would have looked for sincerity. Sincerity would reveal all the other traits above if they existed in the man. This is how the Neanderthal got the way he is, by women truly choosing men for their really good qualities for a million years. This is why brains got bigger and character got better in these men generation after generation. Once she had chosen her mate, the other men would have gotten over their disappointment quickly and they would have quickly shifted to treating her like a sister, championing her without assurance of sexual gratification because it would demonstrate to other women around her their good integrity as males, that they were ready to defend children and women as a general rule at all times against any kind of threat. By showing good sportsmanship at all times considering everything, Raquel's good looking sisters and relatives would begin to look fondly on that male as a good catch for themselves.

Neanderthals are easy to understand. They were the good ones. They were that way for a reason. They were the opposite of Homo Sapiens in every way you can imagine. The only thing the two species had in common was two legs, two arms and ten fingers and toes. Outside of this, nothing remotely alike.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lies, Damned Lies, Scienmajistics

Still scrambling to cover their traces. You can see the bead of sweat on their brow despite their nonchalance. Got'em running scared now.

There's a sort of panic right beneath the surface all the time now.

They claimed these horses were fanciful imaginative creatures the Neanderthals painted, then in the next breath they claimed the Neanderthals hunted these animals. Which was it? Eat a horse, paint a fantasy spotted horse, eat a horse. Paint a family of horses smiling, hunt-kill-eat a horse. Your story doesn't make any sense, my brother Jacob. Your stories make no sense.

Where are the hunting vignettes at Lascaux? Even one. Show me.

Scienmajists so desperate they called the hilarious "herder not paying attention to his prize heifer painting" to "the dying man" (gored by a bull he has turned his back to?). That's no spear in his hand. It's a staff. Why do you lie so, my brother Cain? Wait, will you reply, "Am I my brother's keeper?"

Where is your brother Abel, Cain? Have you seen him? Abel, the herder. Your brother.

This kind of reminds me of Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke. The Devil sends Mickey looking for somebody who owes him something. Mickey tells him, "This guy you are looking for was a real bastard. I mean, he was a real asshole." You don't say, The Devil remarks. You don't say.

"Mr. Cyphre, my initial investigations indicate that this guy you are looking for was not just a thief, rapist and a conman, he was also a cannibal. I think I have found a clear trail of evidence that points to this guy having overrun the Neanderthals after invading their territory with sheer numbers, then eating most of the men, followed by a huge gangrape of all of these women. Afterwards, they stole about 300,000 years of animal domestication which they then proceeded to claim was their own doing and pressed the children of their gangrapes into chattel slavery. Most of his so-called civilization was built primarily by these slave classes he treated not much better than dogs for at least 10,000 years afterwards. Oh and he calls the dog his 'best friend' when it is clear the dog was Neanderthal's best friend, they just stole this animal along with all the other stuff they took out of his camps, including his horses and cattle."

"This is fascinating stuff, Harry. You must keep up your investigation, I have full confidence in your abilities. I am sure you will have your man in no time at the rate you are making progress. I can see you understand already what kind of a low, wretched creature it is I am employing you to find for me. Truly the scum of the earth."

You keep trying to unravel this puzzle, Homo Sapiens. You are a lot closer to the truth than you realize. Just think of me as Robert DeNiro peeling eggs and waiting for you to reach the right conclusions. You are going to get to the bottom of this story sooner than you think. I'm a firm believer at this point in my life that the only possible hope that mankind can have is to learn the truth about who and what they are. It will create permanent humility in them. The arrogance will vanish forever and they will start to understand what they are looking at in the mirror. It is not pleasant.

The Neanderthal was not perfect. He also was not the better man because he was the victim. He was the better man. All these men are filthy rags before God and the better man is the worst if he believes he does not require the same solution to his fallen state that all others do. A great crime was committed against him and as long as it goes unrecognized, men will glory in achievements that are not theirs and wonders they did not create.

It was the Neanderthal who ran the Dire Wolf off his continent riding bareback on his domesticated horses, with his dogs at his side. The reason these animals crossed the Bering Strait at this time to escape Europe is that the Neanderthal was doing what he did best - which was kicking ass.

The Bible is the greatest book of anthropology ever written.

Romney's Got Five More Wars On The Way

On top of the half dozen or so undeclared ones that Obamination has started.

One sock puppet is as good as the next. Mitt is goy-flavored koolaid for the sheeple to sip on while they wait for the first contrail to appear on the horizon. It gives them a reassuring feeling if the person dismantling the country is a radical Mormon instead of a radical Muslim. Either way, the Kwa loses. Mitt is going to expedite many a crippling campaign shortly after he assumes the office.

When you can't make anything better, you specialize in making everything worse. It is a way of distinguishing oneself for the singularly undistinguished. Many of these men figure it is better to rule over a hell they created than to admit they will never be admitted into heaven. A certain class of man wants to see the world burn, another class of man actively works to make it happen. Most politicians nowadays are in the latter group.

The World Is A Museum Of Marxist Failures

An unelected bunch of bureaucrats run the entire continent of Europe into the ground with their bizarre whacky socialist engineering schemes.

These people can't even manage their own lives but they are going to fix up the lives of millions of other people with centralized decision making about how they should handle every aspect of their existence according to directives and edicts they enact. They don't call them Homo Saps without reason. Same old game with a different name, Saps falls for it every time. They paint a glowing picture of a utopian paradise and once again they all get back on the merry-go-round of commie lose. You could set your watch.

Man is not a learning animal. They don't even learn that they are not a learning animal. They fail to learn that they don't learn. If they learned they don't learn at least they'd have learned something.