Wednesday, November 28, 2012

If Modern Physics Was Not A Hoax, Would This Be Happening Worldwide?

Biggest colliders in the world have been shut down due to budgetary constraints (Thanks, Charity)

If even a single military application had been produced as a result of these colliders I guarantee you that Congress would have not only approved their funding, they would have sacrificed budgets in other areas to preserve it and keep it operating.

If you are discovering fundamental principles of matter and penetrating to the heart of subatomic energy, wouldn't you be discovering amazing new applications left, right and center? High powered plasma beams, fusion reactors that are stable, levitation, force fields ... if anything we are told about "modern physics" is the truth, I reckon we would have seen enough industrial and military inventions produced by one hour of operation to keep the entire country busy for the next one hundred years.

Number of applications that are a result of particle collider research ... zero. Zip. Nada. Nothing.

Somebody is trying to pull a fast one around here. That's what I think. You going to tell me you discovered the Higgs Boson but you can't come up with a commercial or military application that applies what you have discovered to manifest a practical function? Now how on earth could that have happened?

I think physics has been highjacked by a cabal of nepotistic, fast-talking bullsh*t artists who are incapable of producing anything useful from any of their work.

While the United States was faffing around with this delusional rubbish, the Chinese perfected the pebble bed reactor. That is what I call a practical application. They didn't need particle colliders to do it.

Particle collider research beats working for a living. That's what I think. Ask Steven Hawkings.

If America had been steered towards the Electric Universe in the 1950's instead of Quantum Mechanics, right now we'd all be living in the pre-war world of Fallout 3. We'd have robots floating around as our servants and kids would go to school on hoverboards.


hitfan said...

"I think physics has been highjacked by a cabal of nepotistic, fast-talking bullsh*t artists who are incapable of producing anything useful from any of their work."

That pretty much describes almost every bureaucrat or pencil pusher employed in government, directly or indirectly. Even police manufacture criminals by setting up honeypots to catch would-be Johns in order to justify their budgets.

The private sector is not totally immune to this aspect of human nature, but if a business fails because of sycophants and back slappers who enrich themselves, then at least the organization will have to either change their ways or something better will replace them. But that's a theory, we all know how TARP came about.

kiminimunekyun said...

I will never forgive my glorious leaders (long may they live!) for not allowing the creation and development of flying cars. I am certain that if not for my leaders, we would no longer be using stupid ancient-tech combustion engines and buying oil for the purpose of propping up the currencies of evil regimes such as the USA. But flying cars lead to one problem: you'd get all manner of people flying all over the place, going wherever they wanted, with no fences to stop them. So in the guise of "national security" all manner of energy innovation patents have been swept into the dustbin of history, to be as if they never were. That, or the secret government poaches our best and brightest children for themselves, leaving us mostly people who get their ideas about reality from people who made it up and wrote it down in textbooks.

There's nothing to forgive, really. They impeded human progress out of their desire for a deadly system of control.